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When Praise entered the BBNaija house, it was many viewer’s belief (or expectation to use a softer word) that he would be unstoppable seeing he already had a background in the entertainment industry as the winner at the K-Pop World Festival, South Korea 2015. Maybe we expected so much after watching him on the premiere night, however, when he began to live his true self in the house, the Praise you watched and probably disliked proved to not be a strong contender. Here is everything you need to know about the ex-housemate.

Praise BBNaija: Age, background, and fiancee

Praise hails from Enugu State but resides in Abuja. He was born Praise Nelson Tochukwu in 1992, his month of birth is not made public. One of the things these Lockdown housemates tried to hide so much is their day, month, and year of birth in that order of ascending secrecy. For example, no one is sure if Nengi Hampson is 21, or 24, or even 28. The same goes for Ka3na and Kaisha.

On the opening night, Praise revealed he was open to having a relationship in the house. In the house proper, he claimed to be single which saw Nigerians dig up his photo with an older woman and child who happen to be his fiancee and son. It was only at the end of his time in the show that Praise admitted this.

While the fiancee is far older than Praise, she is not 60-years old as Brighto claimed. In a fit of annoynace in the house, fellow and evangelist-like housemate Brighto told Kiddwaya, “I know what you can tell him that can make him very angry, too pissed that he can even cry.

“You know he usually brags about ‘my son, my wife’, his wife is sixty-something. I’m telling you something,” he continued before adding, “I swear to God.” He could swear all he wanted but this wouldn’t make a late fortyish woman sixty.

Time In The House.

Praise was the 11th housemate to enter the Big Brother Naija lockdown house. Inside the house, he proved to be someone who enjoyed the company of others. A good team player who had his moment of lows but aspire to give his best in arena games and Wedger challenges.

Has dancing talents on the party dancefloor and elsewhere in the house didn’t also go unnoticed. There is also an actor in Praise. But all of these are never enough to win the show or even go far in the Big Brother Naija show. Sometimes it is about whether viewers liked you or not. In 2018, Miracle won the show and he was one of the least that made things happen in the house.

Viewers didn’t seem to love Praise and even the two times he wasn’t in the bottom four could be attributed to his people outside investing in keeping him in the house rather than due to organic votes from Nigerians. We would never know for sure.

Romance with Ka3na (and Lucy)

In the house, he got really close to Ka3na, the first housemate to be evicted. Their closeness started from the kitchen as Ka3na would always reserve food for him; it didn’t take time for viewers to discover that there was another food in wait. One of the nights in the house, Praise went to join Ka3na on her bed but it was only a matter of time before things began to happen under the sheet. Praise appeared to be in a state of intercourse, heaving in and out. A couple of seconds in, he suddenly stopped and Ka3na could be heard saying “continue”. He didn’t. Or couldn’t.

Ka3na was later seen using her legs to drag her panties into her duvet.

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Ka3na later denied having sex with Praise during her media rounds outside the house. “Everyone in the house has a cuddle buddy as we were 20 housemates,” she siad in an interview, “so Praise happened to be mine. Nothing happened. It was just me having a moment with my friend. There was no sexual intercourse! There was no penetration!” However, she told Dorathy a night after Praise slept on her bed that they did it, adding that it was no big deal. Praise had not made further comments on this (yet) after his own eviction.

In what would be his final week in the Lockdown house, Lucy started finding him attractive and may have wanted something serious (or as serious as it gets in BBNaija house) with him but unknown to them, time was ticking for Praise. Asked if she likes Praise during the eviction show, Lucy replied in the affirmative.

However, Praise was only encouraging her for the game, probably not wanting more than just a fling with her. He told Ebuka on stage after his eviction that he was focused on marrying his fiancee and raising his son. He also said he was focused on starting up a brand that would train male dancers. In addition to his skills and talent, he is a fitness coach who has helped people and is prepared to help a lot more achieve their body goals.

How Praise was evicted from the house

On the first night of eviction praise placed second from the bottom just above Ka3na. If Big Brother had gone with the old way of sending the bottom two home, Praise and Ka3na would have been evicted the second night after seemingly having sexual encounter. The scenes that would have been on Twitter.

Also in the bottom four were Lilo and her in-house boyfriend Eric. Praise and Eric were saved from eviction.

The second eviction night, Praise wasn’t in the bottom four. Eric, Tochi, Trikytee, and Kaisha were in the bottom four. Praise himself voted to have Tochi and Eric evicted. They were evicted.

On the third eviction night, Kaisha, Trikytee, Wathoni, and Neo were in the bottom four and the housemates were called to pick two of them for possible eviction. Praise chose to send Trikytee and Kaisha home. Kaisha went home. It seems Praise always had his wishes. Then his luck ran out.

Praise hit the bottom of the log, earning just over 1% of the total votes cast by Nigerians. Also in the bottom four were Wathoni, Trikytee, and Vee. Praise alone was evicted from the house and he didn’t take it well and was heard telling housemates no need to shake/hug him good nights. But one of them, Lucy perhaps, chided him and they went on to say their goodbyes while Big Brother counted down.

Here are the housemates who voted to send Praise home







The tiebreaker

Big Brother wanted to send one person home and Praise and Wathoni were tied with six votes each. Kiddwaya who was the head of house was called into the diary room to cast the tiebreaking vote and send one of Wathoni and Praise home. He chose to send praise home.

It is what it is.

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