Solomia Maievska – Every Single Fact About The Model

Solomia Maievska

Solomia Maievka owns the runways as a model. Her beauty and confidence have made her a name in the modeling world. Solomia is popularly known as the bosomy Lingerie Model who has succeeded in capturing the hearts of several modeling agencies, and people in the runway business.

People, including critics, have tried to objectify her as a sex symbol but Solomia’s reputation in the world of show business precedes that as she doubles as a musician with thousands of supporters offline and online.

Solomia Maievska is from Ukraine

Solomia Maievsk, originally spelled as Solomiya Maievska, was born and raised in the ancient town of Lutsk in the city of Volyn, northwestern Ukraine. We do not have information about her educational background, but her good command of the English language, unlike most average Ukrainians, proves that she is well educated. Probably still in school.

There are no records of Solomia’s childhood or family. Modeling as a career only shows the face promoting the brand as the goal is to sell the product and not the model. Therefore, models don’t get many interviews like actors and musicians except when they hit a major milestone, making it difficult to get personal information.

Solomia Maievska is in her early 20s

Although the Caucasian Model is very young and so is her career, she’s one of the most sought-after undergarment models in the country. Ukraine houses some of the most beautiful women in the world, some have graced almost every fashion stage there is. Solomia is working her way up this ladder to becoming an international Model.

Solomia was born on the 17th of November 1999. She is 21.

Over 95% of the Ukrainian population speak Ukrainian and Russian. The rest of the Ukrainian population speaks other languages. Solomia speaks fluently Ukrainian, Russian, and English language.

The Lingerie Model

Solomia started her career with Marina Zaniuk Model (MZM) Agency, A modeling school that successfully grew into a mother agency for models. Solomia was one of their top lingerie models with several partnerships in and outside Ukraine. MZM is considered the base of Solomia’s modeling career so far.

Models are often picked for a particular niche but Solomia can only be described as an all-size-fit model. Even though she’s famous for undergarments, Solomia also models for other products like Jewelry, clothing, and shoe lines.

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In 2018, Jasmine Lingerie, an enterprise that produces Swimwear, Pajamas, and several other undergarments, featured Solomia as a ramp model for the Jasmine Lingerie Fashion show in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Other modeling deals include Maximus Fitness Club, a gym house and spa complex for both adults and children, the Andre Tan clothing brand, and Estro shoes and accessories. Solomia has also worked with tonnes of photographers like Annu Fotografin, Katya Badovka, Natalie Jedinak, and several others.

Solomia refers to herself as a singing model, she is also a talented singer and a pro guitarist. You’ll often find videos of her singing covers for English songs on her Instagram and Youtube channel.

Solomia’s Love Life

Just like Solomia’s childhood, her relationship status is presently unknown. It would be wrong to state that she is single since she doesn’t share her relationship on her social media, she doesn’t talk about her family either, and that doesn’t prove that she doesn’t have that special someone. Is she seeing anyone? We will be the first to let you know once our little bird whispers to us.

As of writing this post, the 5 foot 8 inches tall model is keeping her affairs close to her chest, therefore, her net worth is hard to calculate for the blogosphere. This would soon change as she has continued to rise.

Image source: Pinterest