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Philip Mckeon

Philip McKeon was born to a certain Donald and Barbara McKeon. Regular New Yorkers living in Westbury. But there was nothing regular with how they made Philip’s career. When he was four, normal parents would have taken Philip McKeon to an amusement park, to a toy shop, to the zoo, or to the beach, anywhere. They might have taken him to these places but not any of this is the reason we know him today. Mr. and Mrs. McKeon took little McKeon and his younger sister, Nancy, then aged 2, to a modeling audition.

A star was born. Below are all the facts you need to know about the late thespian.

Philip McKeon birth and early career

Philip McKeon was born Philip Anthony McKeon. He was born in November 1964. His career began just as he began kindergarten. His parents must have seen the future or seen something in him because they took him to an audition. The auditioners might have shared the same foresight for they made the boy a child-model.

Philip McKeon modeled for lines and companies, appearing in magazines, newspapers and in TV. As is normal for a young star, Philip diversified. He went into acting and appeared on stage and in films. It was while on stage in Broadway that he was spotted by one of the creators of the sitcom “Alice” spotted him and recommended him for a role.

Philip McKeon Career

“Alice” is a television series that aired on CBS from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. The story revolves around a woman recently widowed when her husband died in a truck accident. Broke and jobless she decides to leave New Jersey for Los Angelos. Her car brought down somewhere in Arizona and she became its resident and the drama began. Mckeon played the role of her son the widow’s son.

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After “Alice”, McKeon featured in other screen projects including the miniseries “Favorite Son” and the film, “Ghoulies 4“. Mckeon’s career seemed to have hit a brick wall in the 1990s and he struggled to get roles.

McKeon’s acting skills were not his only source of livelihood. He had stints in Hollywood as a director and a producer.

Family and sister Nancy McKeon

You are already aware that Philip was born in New York and his parents were Mr. Donald and Barbara McKeon. We mentioned above, too, that he had a sister Nancy Mckeon whom their parents took along with on to the audition that changed Philip’s life.

Nancy Mckeon is seventeen months younger than her brother. She was born in April 1966. Like Philip, she was a child model and did a handful of commercial gigs. When Philip got the role in “Alice”, the family moved to Los Angeles.

Although he began acting before her, when she broke into Hollywood she attained more fame and credits than her older brother. She has won awards, appeared in big roles. It is possible that she commanded a larger net worth.

Nancy Mckeon is married. She got married to Marc Andrus in 2003, aged 39. It is not unusual to see actors who have surpassed this age still unmarried. It is also not unusual to see actors too who have passed through the door of married more than once and come out in with divorce papers to show for it.

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Nancy is still married to her husband and the two are blessed with two kids. The family lives in a ranch in Austin, Texas.

Was Philip McKeon gay?

This question usually emanates from “Is Philip Mckeon married?/Who is Philip McKeon’s wife?” When the search returns no marriage and no wife, the next question is: “Is Philip Mckeon gay?” This second question is understood. Philip is fifty-four, he is a celebrity, he is rich or should be, and he has a face that is not terrible to look at. Why is he not married?

Philip McKeon was not gay. He was not just married. And don’t ask why as there are a thousand and a handful of reasons to delay marriage or to not get married at all. The suspects include: McKeon was searching; Mckeon was nursing a heartbreak, or he never found his true love. No one can say for sure.

Cause of Death

On December 10, 2019, McKeon’s family released a statement announcing the passing of Philip McKeon. The statement reads: “We are all beyond heartbroken and devastated over Phil’s passing. His wonderful sense of humor, kindness, and loyalty will be remembered by all who crossed his path in life.”

The cause of death is not ascertained as of the time of writing this. The official information is that he died of a “longtime illness”. We are not sure what this illness is as it was never in the media that he was ill. This is a developing story and we expect to update it as we get clearer information.

In October 2021, it emerged that Philip’s father who was close to his son had passed away two months before Phillip’s death. We do not know how much his passing devastated Phillip nor would we speculate.

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