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Eric BBNaija

Eric Oshiokhai was the third housemate to be evicted from BBNaija after the public vote placed him in the bottom four, allowing his fellow housemates to slam the final nail in the coffin of his eviction. Eric was favorite to be kicked out of the house after the subject of his affections was voted out a week earlier alongside Ka3na. He was also on his feet the week before and his fellow housemates saved him. He wasn’t going to be lucky back to back. Here is everything you need to know about Eric in and before his entrance into the Lockdown Brother Naija House.

Eric BBNaija: Age and bio

Eric Oshiokhai is a native of Edo State. He is the first child in a family of six. After he completed his primary and secondary education Eric attended Covenant Univesity but dropped out in his 300 level to pursue a career in basketball. He must have been so good with the sport, with his height of 1.95 meters (6.4 feet) playing advantage that it must have made it easier throwing away the 3-year study in CU. Unfortunately, he suffered a major accident that dashed his Lebron James dreams. He also tried to get into the Nigerian Defense Academy but failed the screening process because of his flat feet.

With the dream of being a basketballer gone, he went back to school this time the University of Lagos to complete a degree and was in his final year before he became a housemate in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Season. Eric says he is 24 years old.

Eric BBnaija: Time in the House

With his 1.95 meters height, Eric walked up to the stage where Ebuka had announced him and promised to bring fun to the house. He also promised a lot of shirtless times in the house being a fitness coach with a body many men crave to have. Eric also described himself as being shy, loves competition with a winning mentality then it happened. Just like it has always been in the first week in a new environment, Eric spent one or two days gisting with other housemates before finding a connection with Lilo.

While he was in the house, he spent most of the time with Lilo. But he waited for the proper night before getting his first kiss from the dietician. After starting what looked like a relationship with Lilo, they both started spending more time together away from other housemates to the annoyance of some viewers who found them irritating for contributing nothing to sure other than kissing and cuddling. However, everything is a strategy in Big Brother Naija’s house.

When Lilo was evicted, Eric became lost like a man who had misplaced his map that would have taken him to a hidden treasure. He found it a bit difficult to bond with other housemates. He tried building something with Wathoni but his time was tickling and Wathoni seemed not to be feeling it considering the overwhelming age difference.

More Details

In the third week, after the viewers’ votes, Eric, Tochi, Kaisha, and TrickyTee had the lowest votes and they were stood up for possible eviction. Other housemates were called into the diary room to cast their eviction votes and they sacrificed Eric. On the same stage where he was announced as a housemate in July, Ebuka asked him what he would do now he is out of the show. Eric said he would like to go into modeling, build his brand as a fitness coach, and do some acting. He also said he has intentions of rekindling the love affair he had with Lilo outside the house but it seemed he was too quick to say the latter as Lilo had already reconciled with her boyfriend.

Before you go: Kaisha full facts

While many are of the opinion that Eric played Lilo and used her as a pawn in his game with Lilo making a similar statement, the ex-Covenant University student thinks otherwise. “I haven’t seen any of Lilo’s comment. I don’t understand what she meant so I have to talk to her first. In the house, I felt like we had a connection, a deep connection,” he told the press.

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