About Us

At Heavyng.com, we are interested in movies and TV shows and in writing quality, refreshing content on them and the people who make them. We have a particular interest in shows and stars from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, and elsewhere.

Our team is made up of people who work day jobs and write for us at night and people who write for us in the little time they have between writing essays, studying, and doing school work. We have one or two wordsmiths, we have capable writers, and we have writers learning the trade and growing with the help of some of the most patient and encouraging writers you will love to work with.

We know what we desire and we are relentless in pursuing it one word, one sentence, one paragraph, and one post at a time.

Meet The Team


Katherine Igbokwe, Lead editor

Justin, Supervising editor

Alexis, Contributing editor

Amos JC, Head TV/Movie section

Senior Contributors

Chloe, Leeds, United Kingdom

Choice Izuchukwu, Lagos, Nigeria


Gabriel Eresiobi

Kelechi Manuel (KC) Dresden University of Technology, Germany


Sade Bakre, Cape Town, South Africa

Lola Pedro, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

David Ime

John Shaq

Charity Onu

Prince Chime

Emmanuel Ritman

Annie Davis of Axiostars

Guest contributors

Daniel Madu, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Tim Walbe of RichAthletes.com

Queen Aaron


Grace Oruitemeka

N. Rose Eze

Victor Umunna

Web consultants

Sunday Onwe

Anthony Ilogu


Kate Okechukwu


Hear the Team

Daniel Madu

Contributor, University of Nigeria

“As a student, this site gives me the opportunity of earning something by the side and learning the art of writing in an environment where my personal and literary development is given utmost consideration. I am fortunate to be a part of this amazing family and interesting startup.”

About heavyng.com


Sunday Onwe,

Web Consultant

“In my more than ten and odd years as an IT person, I have come across hundreds of online businesses. My usual dealing is temporal. I build a site, sometimes manage it for sometimes, and hands-off. With this site, the founders asked me to look at the face behind the project and work with it. It has been an easy, interesting journey since, and I watch this site in anticipation of the unveiling of the big accomplishments in its arsenal.”



Contributing editor

“I have worked in many organizations before and I can tell you with pride that Heavyng.com is not an ordinary company. Our goal of being the number one go-to site for quality TV and movie reviews and information about people who make them via quality content, well-researched, and free of plagiarism, content that would stand the test of time and draw strong, organic traffic to the site is powerful. The fact that we combine it with building an organization where hundreds of writers would converge, share ideas and grow in the art of blogging, SEO, and social media networking makes it even more endearing.”

Our Backing

We are backed by a small group of individuals drawn among our closest associates. Our backers do not have bottomless pockets but they believe that if a team invests quality time and resources to researching and writing refreshing content on the internet, and remain consistent in a solid and unwavering manner, one day it shall become profitable.

We believe.