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Nengi Hampson is one of the front runners of the ongoing Big Brother Lockdown House. From the day she entered the house, her name hasn’t stopped making the rounds on the net, trending continent, if not world-wide. No publicity is bad publicity in Big Brother so Nengi’s media handlers must be overjoyed but they would also feel some form of wariness because the negatives seem to outweigh the positive. So there cannot be a biography of Nengi without touching on these controversies. In fact, the controversies loom high so much that they take over our headings.

Heritage and education

Nengi BBNaija was born Rebecca Nengi Hampson. She is from Brass/Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. It is however not clear where she was born. Many publications online have suggested Brass as her place of birth but this is not an established fact and is only mouthed by the fact that she is from there.

Nengi’s elementary and high school education, like many aspects of her life and person, is not public information which gives rise to Twitter filling-in-the-gaps that easily turns a subject of her life into a controversy. We would touch her early school period later in this post. But we know that Nengi is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt where she earned a degree in Linguistics and Communications Studies.

Nengi says this is the biggest achievement of her life, pointing out that: “So many times, I could have dropped out, but I persevered.” She left Uniport with a 2.1 result

How old is Nengi BBNaija?

The age of Nengi Hampson is put as 22 on the Africa Magic website. However, in the early period of her entry into the house, she appeared to have said she was 20 years old. This didn’t go well with the internet as she was bashed for lying about her age. And no, it wasn’t just about the two years difference between 20 and 22 that was the problem. The argument put forward on the internet was that she is well past her mid-20s.

The disbelievers of her age are hovering around Nengi being 27/28.

But how old is Nengi for real?

First, we must point out that looks cannot tell age. So if the reason why you doubt her age is because of her not so 20-year-ish looking face, think again. We have relatives we know when they were born who, having eaten or gymed up, look like our age mates and we are not their mate. So these things happen.

Now to the meat of the matter. There are five reasons, Nengi is believed to be far older than her 20/22 age circle.

One, Nengi Hampson contested the Miss Peace Beauty Pageant in 2014. She won. The minimum age for participation in this contest is 18 years. Assuming that Nengi was just 18 in 2014, six years ago, she would be 24 when she entered the house in July 2020. But this is Nigeria. Connections can get you anywhere in Nigeria despite an eligibility failure. It could be that Nengi upped her age in 2014 in order to be eligible. Or she must have been so beautiful that the organizers gave her a waiver.

But the next point doesn’t tally with this our defense.

Two, Nengi contested for Queen of Trust in 2013. Does it mean she was also given a waiver for this show? Two different organizations, in two separate years, all broke their rules to fit Nengi in? Sounds really far-fetched and this is a euphemism. If Queen of Trust didn’t break their rule, Nengi must have been 18 to participate which means she is 25 today.

Three, in 2017, Nengi contested for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN, and she was said to be 23 years old at that time. If this is true and there is a good chance it is, then Nengi is 26 years old. We have searched but we didn’t see any publication that put Nengi’s age in 2017 as 23. And no, we won’t just take the word of a Twitter user for it. So assuming that Nengi was 18 in 2017, she is at least 21 years old today (but before you assume this assumption remember there is the 2013 and 2014 assuming to do; your assuming cannot just be for 2017).

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As an aside, we must point out that Nengi wasn’t just an also-ran at the MBGN as she won Best Evening Wear model in the show. She made the final five but Ihezue Ugochi Mitchell representing Kebbi state won the prize.

Four, there seems to be an inconsistency in her age from her part. She must have told Africa Magic media 22 then mentioned 20 when she hit the house. This inconsistency only serves to show there’s something not right.

Let’s play this game. How old are you? Yes, you the reader, how old are you? If I ask you this question two weeks later would your answer change? Now, do you get the point?

Five, Nengi’s primary and secondary schools and the timeline of attendance are conspicuously missing on the internet. There is a reason why you are asked your primary school certificate before major employments (at least in governmental circles). Your time of leaving primary school would help define your age. And recall that your age is usually stated in your primary school cert. So if for instance, Nengi left primary school in 2006, we can guess that she was 10 to 12 years old which would put her age today, fourteen years later, at 24 to 26.

So is she hiding anything by not making these known? Only time would tell. Not that the fullest of time, as they say, would reveal this. It may make us forget.

In conclusion, how old is Nengi true-true? We sigh before saying she is 22 with a giant asterisk. In the footnote entry of this asterisk, we refer you to the five points we raised and argued above.

Does Nengi have a relationship outside the house?

Yes, Nengi Hampson has a relationship outside. We know this because she said this and because she wouldn’t agree to date Ozo, the calm housemate everyone seems to like for his thoughtful and leadership disposition. It must be pointed out that Ozo also likes Dorathy the well-endowed housemate whose endowment seems to have gained her big following, and actually chose Dorathy to be the head of house above Nengi (the first time) which might make Nengi more resolved not to consider him. But we heard her clearly when she told Wathoni during the first week that, “In this house, it has to be friendship and nothing more than that.”

Her follow-up statement confirms it for us: “I told Ozo that I have someone I’m dating, he changed my life outside the house, so why would I come here and disrespect him, I’m not going to do that.”

There are also other of such references.

So, who is this lucky guy Nengi is dating Hampson outside the house?

The name is Lord Trigg. This was made known on Instagram where a prominent supporter of Ozo posted the picture of the “white” man that Nengi was dating and who was the end of the Ozone ship (Ozone been the combo of Ozo and Nengi and used to refer to the relationship that would happen between the two).

Nengi Hampson big ass
You can only dream

Lord Trigg is a big boy, socialite, musician, and businessman. He is most known for being the baby daddy of Toyin Lawani the celebrity stylist and owner of Tiannah’s Place Empire. Toyin herself gave credence to this claim of Trigg being Nengi’s man by saying that Nengi once body-shamed her using Lord Trigg’s phone.

Nengi Hampson in the house

The day Nengi came to the house, having seen that she was a graduate of Uniport and a Niger-Deltan many began to draw similarities between her and super-popular housemate Tacha. They expected her to be like Tacha in the house, rude, troublesome, and a fighter of all. They expected Nengi to inherit Tacha characters and Titans.

Nengi turned out to be a cooler version of Tacha. She started her journey in a strong note, winning the head of house challenge and becoming the first HOH in the Lockdown House. Nengi chose Wathoni as deputy head of house (Big Brother latter abolished the choosing of the same sex as DHOH from week two onward.)

Nengi may be cool but she is not the housemates’ favourite. Dorathy doesn’t like her and feels that she is using Ozo as a strategy to win the show. But it could be that Dorathy is jealous of Nengi whom Ozo seems to prefer for romance to her (Dorathy) whom he also likes.

Nengi fought with Kaisha who called Nengi’s ass fake.

Nengi also fought Lucy and this one broke the internet. Nengi called Lucy old and Lucy said she was 30 and looking better than Nengi. Lucy said that without men, Nengi was useless, summing that Nengi was a loosed lady, the “one week, one man” type of girl. The fight spilled outside the house and onto the internet which saw Nengi’s supporter, Bobrisky, insult Toyin Lawani, a Nengi detractor.

Eviction votes by Nengi

Following the new format of voting in which the bottom four voted by the public are put on the ballot for housemates to evict two (or one who eventually go home), evicted housemates fates have been decided by fellow housemates.

On the first eviction night, Praise, Ka3na, Lilo, and Eric were up for eviction. Nengi voted to evict Ka3na and Praise. Lilo and Ka3na were evicted and sent away.

On the second eviction night, Trikytee, Eric, Kaisha, and Tochi were up for eviction. Nengi voted to evict Eric and Kaisha. Tochi and Eric went home.

On the third eviction night, Trikyee, Kaisha, Wathoni, and Neo were up for eviction. Nengi Hampson voted to evict Wathoni and Kaisha. Kaisha alone went home.

On the fourth eviction night, Trikytee, Praise, Wathoni, and Vee were put up for eviction. Nengi voted to have Praise and Wathoni go home. Praise alone went home.

Nengi Hampson’s Butt: Real or fake?

In early August, just two weeks into the lockdown house, it emerged on Social Media that Nengi’s round and big behind is not what many believed it to be. It wasn’t original which is how Nigerians react to butts that are not natural. The tweep showed a video clip of Nengi in 2017 on the runway with her butts rather flat. Today, you know what it is.

There were people on Nengi’s team who were prepared to argue in defence of her ass. Well, well, Nengi herself came out to admit that her bottom was medically built. In the middle of August, she opened up to Ozo.

“When I tell people I have had liposuction, they always said I should not be talking about it,” she said. “The way I look at it there is nothing there at all. If I ever had a procedure again I will blog about it. I even regret not putting it on a blog like the white girls do ’cause I had a bombass experience and it came out really nice.”

We agree.

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