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Tochi BBNaija

Big Brother is always watching — and apparently, so are its fans. After months of anticipating the show to return for its fifth season in Nigeria, it finally returned on 19 July 2020 and 20 housemates who passed their video auditions were quarantined. Tochi was among the housemates who moved into an overhauled Big Brother Naija house outfitted wall-to-wall with cameras and microphones capturing their every move and battling in a series of challenges. However, Tochi’s time at the house was short as he was the fourth housemate to be evicted. Here are all the facts about him you should know.

Tochi BBNaija: Age and upbringing

Tochi was born Tochukwu Okechukwu in Imo State Nigeria. He graduated from Abia State University, Uturu. During the first week in the house, Tochi painted a picture of grim upbringing to viewers as she described how difficult it was for his parents to raise him and his four siblings. Tochi’s story of being raised poor is not unfamiliar to viewers as some housemates had come to the show using the same strategy, perhaps get pity votes from viewers. Even though that has always been the norm in every season, Tochi’s story of being raised poor can not be easily discarded.

He has done a couple of odd jobs like washing cars to earn some money during his undergraduate days. After his graduation, he worked as a social media manager for a magazine brand. Tochi is also into real estate; he is also a rapper and all-round entrepreneur. Tochi is 28 years.

Tochi BBNaija: Life (and strategy or lack of it) in the Big Brother Naija House

Tochi started life in the Big Brother house in a way that made many viewers and fans question his sexuality. During the house introduction and talks about specs in a relationship, he said he liked a guy. The housemates laughed at him and he joined in their laughter before saying he liked women. Did Tochi made a mistake in his first statement or did he use the opportunity to come out? Or was this just a gameplan, strategy to make the silent LGBTQ community in Nigeria choose him as their favorite? We may never know his true reason.

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Before entering the house, Tochi described himself as someone who tends to be clumsy sometimes and the clumsiness came to the fore when he entered the house save for Saturday night parties when he appeared on the dancefloor. Many would put him in the category of housemates who entered the house without a tangible gameplan or an army of voters who were willing to keep him longer in the house. During his time in the house, he never got closer to winning Head of House HOH challenge. He was always in his own company except when he appeared in a play in the house.

And it happened, that in the second week of the eviction show, his name was announced among the four housemates that got fewer votes from viewers. Other housemates who were not facing eviction that weekend were called to cast their eviction and they voted against Tochi and Eric, saving Tricky Tee and Kaisha. When Ebuka announced his name as the fourth housemate to be evicted from the house, he sulked and hit his traditional cap on the floor. His eviction shocked some people but it didn’t shock viewers who did not vote for him.

Life after the House

As he continues to do his media turn, Tochi might have given a gripping revelation when he disclosed that male and female housemates shower together. He also revealed that he once showered with Ka3na and Lucy. This revelation throws light that the real show might be happening in the bathroom while viewers feed on what Kayode displays on the screen.

Despite leaving the house on the 21st day of his stay, housemates seem to like him as Ozo, Neo and Nengi revealed in their diary sessions that they would love to bring Tochi back to the show if they had the opportunity as they answered Big Brother’s question on which housemate they would want to bring back to the show. But if they truly love him as they said, why vote against him? Well, you may already have your answer. It is a game and it is what it is.

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