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Lexi Luna

Lexi Luna is a happy ending star who came onto the stage rather late but who has continually waxed strong in efforts and reach. And more than 80 acting credits later in a career that includes steaminess of both gratifications of all kinds, this is a pause where you take a look at the journey she has had so far in her chosen career.

Lexi Luna was born in Miami

Lexi Luna was born in  Miami, Florida. She was born in March 1989 (some have put her birth month to December – it is the same year so it doesn’t change the equation so much). She was born with brown hair and brown eye, just like any normal child. She was even thought of as a nerd and attended advanced classes, dance classes, and played a few instruments. She didn’t just grow up like a normal kid, she had an above-average childhood, good grades and all.

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The confusion is not only with her age. There is also information pointing at Indianapolis, Indiana as her birthplace as against Florida we have above. Indianapolis could be her true birthplace but we have no way of knowing with total certainty her place of birth, so we are going with Miami which has the strongest links in her story.

Lexi Luna joined the industry in 2016

Lexi Luna joined the happy niche rather late. It wasn’t a decision made out of what can be termed teenage exuberance or the frustrations of adulthood. She made the decision aged 27, hitting the stage in an age where she can easily pass for an MILF and has gone on to play roles of an insatiable stepmom in search of the next available Dickson.

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And her reason for entering the industry is twofold – one, to experience her sexuality and, two, to explore her creativity. Lexi has gone on to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry and some of the topmost names – and must have earned top dollars for these.

She used to be a teacher

Who could have guessed, teaching, talking to kids, instructing them, and even being a role model to them was what Lexi used to do? A far shot but the truth; Lexi Luna worked as a teacher for five years after college and has confessed that she enjoyed doing this. We are not going to mention where she has taught and to avoid you drawing crazy inferences. It is safe, however, to say that she now excels in the art of teaching many to rule on the sheets.

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This ex-teacher is also known as Lexi Lune. Lexi Lune or Lexi Luna, not one of these is her true name and you won’t find success ransacking the database of ex-teachers (if there is any), searching for a Lexi Luna.

Lexi Luna is 5 feet 7 inches tall

Lexi Luna has a model height of 171 cm. She has long legs to go with this and a round full backside. And she weighs 134 lbs or 61 kg, give or take a few kgs (and this cannot be carved on a rock as she could have) rather on the high side but considering that her bust account for a sizeable percentage of this, not many will complain.

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Her chest, waist, and hips measurement is provocative 34-27-39 inches of 86-68-99 centimeters. Yes, you read this well and pair is on a massive 34DD bra size (some have put this at 34E).

The star’s bosoms are enhanced

While her bra size of 34DD is becoming more and more the norm in the industry, this is not natural. Before the resolution of surgically enhanced glands, the average bust is sized at C cup. These are measured in A, B, C and D cups with A being the smallest and triple D the highest. For the average to hit DD shows the process has been plastically interfered with.

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Coming into the industry, Ms. Luna brought her long hair, long legs, and a broad sexy smile to the table (or bed to say). There was one thing lacking, she reasoned and probably spent all her tutoring savings to help herself to fix it. The industry is the winner.

Bonus: She is heading to space

Having conquered the earth, Lexi Luna is heading for the stars – she is going to space. In September 2021, it emerged that Adult company Nafty is trying to get Luna to space via Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

“Now that private citizen space travel is available, we want to be a part of this groundbreaking time in history by sending NaftyArt’s very own Lexi Luna out to the farthest reaches of the atmosphere to launch some truly stellar adventures and mint it on an out-of-this-world NFT,” said Nafty CEO Rob Kemenyfi.

Lexi Luna is poised to be the first adult star in space and she is said to be expected to make an adult content up there.

Rob concludes that: “Lexi is the perfect choice to help us achieve our intergalactic ambitions because of her passionate and adventurous nature. The sky’s (not) the limit.”

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