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It’s bad enough to be voted into the bottom of the log by viewers, but for your fate to be put in the hands of your fellow housemates and they elect to send you out of the house must sting extra hard. That’s what happened to Ka3na in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Season. So Ka3na went home. Here is everything you need to know about Ka3na before the house, in the house, and outside the house.

Ka3na: Age and background

Ka3na was born Kate Jones in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State principal and capital city. Ka3na gave her age as 26 years of age at the beginning of the show which means she was born in 1994. Ka3na did not reveal her month of birth which made people question if she was really 26 years old or if she gave the public her “entertainment age”.

Ka3na grew up in Port Harcourt where she spent most of her life.

Fortune smiled at her when she started her fashion brand at the age of 19 and from the money she made through her business, she was able to invest in some landed properties which expanded her purse. There are whispers that Kate didn’t raise all the monies for her capital alone; they said she got expatriate help whatever that means.

Husband and reason for divorce

Ka3na was married to a 64-year foreigner she met in Port Harcourt. She got married at the age of 22. Her marriage to a foreigner was not a rare one, especially in Port Harcourt where foreigners in their quest to enjoy the many beauties of mother Africa find themselves entangled with African women. The marriage was blessed with a daughter. Ka3na revealed during her stay in the Big Brother house that she conceived through Invitro Fertilization (IVF) on her second attempt having had her eggs frozen in South Africa.

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She is separated from her husband whom she said is no longer strong enough to perform his conjugal duties hence her decision to use IVF treatment in the first place. Ka3na said she was not ready to remarry but had given hints that she loves being with older men. But it doesn’t seem like she would sacrifice her satisfaction for the pampering and affections from older men.

Time in the Big Brother House

Ka3na’s time in the Big Brothers’ house was short and dramatic. Her entry dress into the house on the Premiere day was called a dress and a half by show host Ebuka. Confidently, she told viewers that came to the Big Brothers house to be famous and also to make money because she loves money. Her journey in the house began.

In the house, she was energetic, fun, and a talker. Ka3na was the kind of housemate you would tune in to watch and within a minute you would find out that she was into properties, was married to a man thrice her age, loves sex, did IVF, cannot wait to fly to Dubai, etc. All these in sixty seconds.

controversial. With the house being peaceful after the first three days making it look like the housemates assembled for a peace prize award, Ka3na press the spark button and give viewers “content”. The entrepreneur and mother of one got into a mudslinging contest with fellow housemate Wathoni during a game where Big Brother made the housemates into groups. It appeared that Ka3na did not fancy the way Wathoni called her name and she lashed out on her. Ka3na told Wathoni that she has no right to call her name like that. She concluded by saying, “If you call my name, I will finish you. If you have issues with me, face me and tell me”.

This rather came as a surprise as there was never been any signs of malice amongst the two. Other housemates rushed to separate them in order not to get physical. Ka3na also had a fight with Tolanibaj in the house after which she got the name Hurricane Ka3na by Twitter users. When she got evicted, Tolanibaj said she was excited that she left.

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But this is not all to Ka3n as there were beneath the sheets moments with Praise. A night before her involvement with Praise, she was seen counting condoms in the house in the night after a truth and dare game, while other housemates slept or pretended to be asleep, Praise ended up in Ka3na’s bed and they got intimate and did things under the sheet. When Dorathy asked her if she had sex with Praise, she replied, “We did it, and it is normal.”

Did Ka3na have sex with Praise?

The Ex-BBNaija housemate on leaving the house said she was thankful to the organizers of the reality show for the platform and hoped to use it to expand her brand in fashion and real estate. But the question of Praise and whether she really had sex with him continued to confront her in her media rounds.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, she denied having sex with Praise, said they were just cuddling buddies. “Everyone in the house has a cuddle buddy as we were 20 housemates so Praise happened to be mine. Nothing happened. It was just me having a moment with my friend. There was no sexual intercourse! There was no penetration!”

The videos and images of the night might contradict these claims of not having penetrative sex with Praise. On the night, Praise was seen heaving up and down on top of her. After a few seconds, he appeared to have gassed out on her and viewers could here K3na say continue.

Later on, Ka3na was seen using her toes to draw her pair of panties which was at the edge of the bed inside her duvet. The question that could be asked Ka3na and all those willing to buy her non-penetration claim is why were your panties taken off? We may never know the answer. Or, we already know.

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