Martell Lane: How He Started And How He Died

Martell Lane

Three things are certain in life and they are Birth, Breathing, and Death. Humans have lost some of its brightest stars to death before they hit their prime which is the case of Martell Lane and which is the most painful thing about the inevitability of death. Martell Lane is an American actor famed for his role in the films “Five-O” and “2-Eleven” before his passing. We lost him in 2019.

Here is everything we know about him.

Who is Martell Lane and How did he start?

Martell Lane is an American actor with the birth name Douglas Lane, based in Detroit, was born in 1984 but the actual date of birth of Martell isn’t available but he was 35 years old before his untimed death.

Growing up, there isn’t much information about his background and his early career, that is to say, his early life wasn’t that available up until his role in the film “Five-0”.

Martell was among the cast of the film “Five-0” in 2016, playing the character of JP, a corrupt cop. The “Five-0” was about the life of two inept police officers, wanting to appear on the show “Police Force”, but got more than they bargained for when a drug lord was falsely convinced.

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Martell was also among the cast of “2-Eleven” in 2015, about a tale of the two brothers hustling to survive in the streets of Detroit. Lane played the role of Tell in the movie. After starring in “2-Eleven”, he went on to also starred in the movie “Buffed Up” and was becoming a household face.

He also appeared in the Detroit-based film “The Come up” as Travis in 2018 and “McGraw Ave” which was released after his death.

In addition to his acting career, Lane was also a contributor to 4Sho Magazine which he posted on his Instagram account.

Martell’s Personal life

There was little or no information about his personal life prior to his passing away. Just the information of him living in Detroit, well one might suggest that Lane kept a tight lip about his personal life.

The same can be said about his relationship apart from a post from a Lady named Shay, who posted a photo of them both right after his death, with a caption alleging that they had previously broken up but they had started seeing each other again.

How did we lose Martell Lane?

On July 9, 2019, it was reported that Lane had been hospitalized after suffering a brain aneurysm and was in a critical condition. But during the early hours of July 16, which would become a dark day for his family and fans, Lane passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest while on life support.

His funeral wasn’t made public.

Image source: Twitter