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Lilo Aderogba

To be a housemate in the Big Brother Naija house is an exciting thing. Even though you are going to face unexpected challenges, one thing is certain that you will have to relate with other housemates, fight them, hate them, or love them. Some find a way to do all these. It is usually crazy. The journey for the prize of N85 million shouldn’t be any less. Every housemate must have mouthed something as regards strategies but strategy is usually the first to fly out of the window. It easy to get distracted, consumed. It’s the devil’s workshop, after all. It is not coincidental that we mention distraction in the introduction for Lilo Aderogba. She holds the distinction as the first Big Brother housemate to be evicted in the lockdown house, she is open to analysis and speculations. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Lilo Aderogba: Bio

Lilo was born Boluwatife Aderogba in 1997 Osun State where she was partly raised alongside her two eldest sisters. Prior to entering the Big Brother’s Naija house, she lived in Lagos where she managed her small brand as a weight loss therapist and dietician. The reality star is a graduate of Babcock University.

Relationship in and outside the house

Before becoming a housemate in the Lockdown season of The Big Brother Naija, Lilo waxed poetic on how she had a man outside whom she was dating and whom she loves(d). Perhaps it might not be the most serious relationship in the world, but she was still someone’s girlfriend prior to her stint in the house. However, the ex-housemate got involved with Eric in what many would describe as a showmance rather than the real deal (but who are we to judge?).

While she was in the house, her relationship seemed to be the last thing on her mind as she was seen most of the time lying on Eric’s broad chest, locking lips, cuddling, and seemingly bothered when interrupted for mundane things such as Head of House and Wedger challenges in the arena. However, while she got emotionally involved with Eric, her boyfriend was watching. More than that, Nigerians were watching.

The relationship with Eric might as well be strategic. In the 2018 edition of Big Brother (Double Wahala), a lot of the housemates when evicted, Dee One and Khloe included, believed they could have stayed longer in the house if they had shown a romantic side of them. Lilo might have taken her romantic side-show too far or she didn’t just resonate with viewers (Big Brother fans are known to punish the must trivial transgressions of those they didn’t care about and forgive a capital offense [in a manner of speaking, of course] of their favourites).

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On the first eviction week, the gods rolled the dice and a picture of Lilo, Eric, Ka3na, and Praise appeared on the bottom four of the viewers’ vote. Big brother then asked housemates to vote to evict two housemates and Lilo became the second person to be evicted after Ka3na. Speaking with show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu when asked if she would be returning to her boyfriend whom she seemed to have forgotten when she got involved with Eric in the house, Lilo said they would work things out. And it appeared that both have ironed out things as she stated in one of her media tours that although her boyfriend was angry, he was willing to give her a second chance.

Unsurprisingly, the love story between Eric and Lilo was never meant to happen. Call it an entanglement or whatever you like, this is the year 2020.

Time in the House – And Outside

Lilo’s time in the house was not one that would edify many. While she got involved in tasks and other games, she spent most of her time with her BBN boyfriend Eric. On stage, after she was evicted, her highlights in the house were played for her on the big screen and it looked very much like a mini-honeymoon outing for her.

Speaking with Pulse Nigeria after her eviction, she revealed that Eric took advantage of her in a way that made her disconnect from other housemates and lose focus. “What I said was I obviously put my emotions, my feelings which messed up my game and I said also that Eric knew cause we spoke a lot about stuff. The whole thing started with us being friends and I felt like I could handle just being his friend.”

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“When the feelings started coming in, he noticed and obviously, he liked me as well. So, I just felt like he was happy that I was feeling the vibe he wanted. I didn’t mean like he took advantage of me in the sense that people are meaning it to be that he used me or all that.” Lilo also admitted that she did not give fans something to entertain them which caused her early eviction from the show. She wished to also change some things if given the opportunity to enter the house again and one of those things is to be in charge of her emotions.

At the time of writing, she wants to focus on building her brand by leveraging on the Big Brother Naija exposure. We wish her well.

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