Stacy Carroll – What We Know About This Star From The ’80s

Stacy Carroll

Actors have erratic schedules, long hours on set, and no means of knowing what their next job will be. On the other side, if they are successful, they will be able to have a long career, large compensation, and the satisfaction of doing what they enjoy.

While it is uncommon for major performers to formally and completely retire, it does occur. There have been performers who have joined the A-list only to take their life in an entirely other path ever since the beginning of Hollywood. Some of the performers were child stars who were either uninterested in continuing their acting careers as adults or struggled to do so.

Others had been in movies for a long time and needed to make a change, whether it was to raise a kid, live a less stressful life. Some individuals aspire to be movie stars, but  Stacy Carroll achieved both goals. Here is everything we know about her.

Stacy Carroll: Age and background

Stacy Carroll was born in Illinois United States of America in 1970. Her month of birth is not known and information regarding her upbringing has not been made known to the public. Stacey started her career quite early in Hollywood, however, the career also ended quite early too.


Stacy Carroll is an actress from the United States who is best known for her role in the film Major League. She played the role of Suzanne Dorn in the Major League. Irby Smith and Chris Chesser wrote and directed this sports comedy in 1989.

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Charlie Sheen, Rene Russo, and Corbin Bernsen were among the actors Carroll worked with. In 1988, Stacy made her television debut in the mystery crime drama Sable. On November 7, 1987, ABC premiered the show. In that picture, she played a female victim. The next time people heard of Stacy was in 1992 when news emerged that she had quit acting to raise a family and attend graduate school.

Stacy Carrol: Net worth, Marriage

Stacy’s net worth is around 500 thousand dollars [and no, this is not a figure we are willing to swear for – take it with a pinch of salt]. There are speculations, nothing is sure about her, that she married Mark Hutter. Since she lives a private life it is hard to say, but the former actress is a married woman. She weighs 67kg (take by faith) and she stands at a height of 5 ft 4 inches.

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