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Perhaps one of the most vibrant, talented yet underrated housemates in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown (season five) is Trikytee. He entered the house as the oldest housemate and showed flashes of brilliance from day one of the show. But the voting public (and ultimately fellow housemates) have the final say on who stays longer in the house. So far, the voting public has leaned heavily on him going home; so far the housemates have saved him as they usually have more beef to fry with other housemates and not necessarily because they love him. Here is the full biography of Trikytee the embattled Big Brother Naija housemate.

Age and early life

He was born in Bayelsa State in 1985 where he completed his primary and secondary education. Growing up, he holidayed in Lagos most part of his adolescent age and could as well have the bragging right to call himself a Lagosian. Trikytee attended the Univesity of Port Harcourt where he studied Directing and Theatrical Production, graduating in the Second Class Upper Division. His passion for filmmaking pushed him to join the Association of Theatre Arts Students (ATAS), University of Port Harcourt chapter where he was a leading member.

Trikytee completed his mandatory National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, in Abuja where he won the Best Director award for a stage drama in the camp. The Bayelsa-born filmmaker considers this award as his biggest win in the entertainment stage. In addition to his directing talents, he is a songwriter, a storyteller, and a creative artist.

Trikytee is 35 years old.

Trikytee: Life in the Big Brother Naija House

Trikytee entered the house and promised to bring fun to the show (by the way, every housemate made one of the many variants of this promise but unlike others) Trikytee kept his word. Many would say that he talks too much and contradicts himself, at times, but that might be part of his strategy and gameplan.

Talking about strategy, almost all the housemates came with one but some know that it is not enough hence they organized an army of voters and praise singers offline before entering the house to vote and also to make noise for them on Social Media and give the impression that their candidate is the coolest one to stan (then trust herd mentality to take over) but it seems Trikytee was short on the former and unprepared for the latter.

His social media handle on Twitter has “promotional account” written on the bio. It’s either the person who is supposed to hype him online failed to do his job (or he was paid and thus went on strike) or Trikytee relied on his talent and jovial personality to get him to the final of the Big Brother Lockdown Season. His Instagram account could be hot one minute and cold the next minute; his fans don’t have a unified name, the name he chose to answer is tricky (pun unintended) which further complicated things as no one knows for sure if he was actually getting votes under the name “Trickytee” and the votes are getting voided as that isn’t the real spelling of his name.

In the house, he is friendly with everyone which earned him the name “Tranquility” during one of the house debates he anchored. He was the Steven Spielberg of the house dramas as he directed them, showing his talent in filmmaking and you would say without many iotas of doubt that he is good.

He sort of bonded with all the housemates and never fought anyone.

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He did not enter into any relationship or situationship as he already stated before the show that he is in a committed relationship but we have seen housemates who are married, enter the show, pushed their marital vows aside, and engage in all manner of showmance with fellow housemate(s).

However, it looked like Trikytee could have been better served if he bonded with a female housemate romantically. After the first Saturday night party, the housemates engaged in a Truth or Dare game, and a female housemate Wathoni was dared to kiss Trikytee. She declined and chose Kiddwaya instead. It would have been just a kiss, but sometimes affection starts from the lips. The brutal rejection must have hurt Trikytee. In fact, there is a course to suspect that Trikytee’s relationship outside the house was make-believe.

During one of his diary sessions, he told Big brother, “I’ll choose Dorathy as my romantic partner because she’s everything when it comes to having a good time, love her vibes and I know I would not be bored or not have anything to do. I’m not a romantic person if not I would have chosen Wathoni.”

The last sentence may look like a retaliatory statement but who are we to make assumptions. Trikytee seems to be having fun in the house and time seems to be running out on him.

A cat of nine lives

Trikytee was voted into the bottom four for three eviction rounds in a row.

On the second eviction night, Trikytee was in the bottom four alongside Eric, Kaisha, and Tochi. Tochi and Eric were evicted. Trikytee was saved.

On the third eviction night, Trikytee was up for eviction having made the bottom four. He was on his feet alongside Kaisha, Wathoni, and Neo. Kaisha was evicted. Trikytee was saved.

On the fourth eviction night, Tee was up again. This time, he was up with Praise, Wathoni, and Vee. Praise alone was evicted. Once again, local man was saved.

If Trikytee isn’t evicted, hypertension might kill him in the bottom four. But it seems he would be staying longer in the house after he told an emotional story about his painting during one of the daily tasks in the house. Has Trikytee earned more days in Biggie’s house with his story? Time will reveal

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