Kaisha BBNaija: All The Facts You Need to Know

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Kaisha BBNaija

Kaisha is the fifth evictee from the Big Brother Naija house. Her eviction created a debate online and a hashtag #JusticeForKaisha trended because many viewers don’t seem to be in support of Big Brother’s new twist of evicting housemates. But Big brother owns the show, it is his house and more so, he makes the rules. Kaisha was not too hot or too cold in the house, in fact, she was evicted the week she started serving the drama to viewers which broke many hearts perhaps. Here are all the facts about her you need to know.

Kaisha: Age and bio

Aisha Umaru who is known as Kaisha was born in 1995 in Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria. There are reports (not confirmed) that her father is the billionaire Alhaji Umar, the Sarkin Alaba, and the traditional ruler of Binji Town in Sokoto State. In a post-eviction, said people are just exaggerating his father’s wealth and denied his father being a billionaire.

Kaisha’s mother is from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Orlu, Imo State to be particular. The mother is also said to be the owner of Mary Essential Stores Ltd in Agbara Market, Ojo, Lagos, and chairwoman of Okoto Market Traders Association.

She was raised in a mixed cultural and religious belief, however, she was raised in love. Kaisha is 25 years old.

Kaisha BBNaija: Time in the House

Kaisha’s time in the house was what many people loved, hated, and resumed to loving again. During the first week when housemates began to open up about their background, expectations, and life dreams, Kaisha disclosed that she was raised in an average Nigerian home. In her words, “We no too hol’, but we no poor”.

This statement might have annoyed people who knew her very well before she entered the house. Kaisha also disclosed that she had traveled to countries in Europe including Poland and Germany being (this is not a trip people who know too hol’ make). This could be the time viewers and other housemates stopped buying her average family story.

Her lukewarmness in the first week while in the Big Brother Naija house earned her little friends which later became a measuring rod the housemates used when they cast the eviction vote that sent her home (or so we think as they saved her the first time she was up). However, she began to loosen up a bit and even had a session with fellow housemates at the lounge teaching them how to use a dildo while the male housemates laughed.

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She enjoyed some close relationship with Dorathy and had a fight with Nengi that almost got physical. There was so much name-calling and body shaming. During their mudslinging contest, Nengi told Kaisha to go and work on her character and Kaisha fired back, advising Nengi to go and work on her face the same way she has worked on her bum-bum. There were other names and if not for Neo who went to separate them, perhaps they would have received strikes or even disqualification.

Her altercation with Nengi unbuttoned her and it seemed people began to see the real Kaisha. In her last Saturday night party in the house, she rocked Neo on the dancefloor and the dance itself was too close to comfort especially for Vee, Neo’s girlfriend. On Sunday evening during the live eviction, she was among the bottom of the voting log that includes Trickytee, Neo, and Wathoni. The housemates cast their eviction vote and minutes later Kaisha was evicted.

Her eviction sparked so much controversy because she had more votes than the other three who were in the bottom log with her. The night, Big Brother evicted one person and the question came fast and clear: Why not put three people up since you are going to send only one person home? Of course, Big Brother doesn’t respond to criticism nor work on his errors – Big Brother crackhead you may call him.

Kaisha received so much bashing from the Muslim community for participating in a show that according to them promotes nudity and sexual languages which is not befitting of a Muslim girl. While the rage went on, Kaisha was already in Biggie’s house and it appeared that is nothing they could do about it.

Life after the show

Kaisha owns a skincare luxury brand she wants to grow to become a big brand. Many Big Brother Naija ladies of the past seasons are into skincare products and it appears that there are huge demands in their market. Kaisha is single at the moment but she confessed to Ebuka that she feels something for Neo and would be watching him closely as she believes that every relationship in the house is fake. But it appears she would also watch her back as Vee might not give room to any third party to sink her ship.

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