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Natalie Zea

Natalie Zea makes many people think of Passions. No, not the kind of passion that has things to do with entanglements of whatever kind (a penny on your dirty mind). She was in the daytime soap opera Passions on NBC for two years. She was in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money and a dozen others in a career that is spread on the turf of a quarter of a century. There is a lot to write about her, do you have one hour? We will have to settle for just five or six quick facts.

Natalie Zea – birthplace and age

Natalie Zea was born on March 1974 (March 17th – be sure to send a piece of jewelry). She was born in small Harris County, Texas and had her high school education in some other small town of the state. But it wasn’t all small towns and Texas for Ms. Zea. After high school, she left Texas for New York City where she studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) for her Certificates in Professional Performance in acting.

She graduated in 1995 the year she made her screen debut.

Natalie Zea is 45 years old.

Boys Don’t Cry and the beginning

Boys Don’t Cry (they wish) was the beginning for Natalie Zea. No, she didn’t go about carrying this ridiculous description on her T-shirt and walking down Main Street with her fingers posed to release the middle one. She was in a short film by this ridiculous title for her debut (the film has been remade to a longer version with another actress in Natalie’s stead).

After Boys, Zea made a couple of Off-Broadway appearances in the next few years. It was until 1999 that her first feature movie debut came. “Macbeth in Manhattan” is the title, joining a maestro Shakespearean character with the bubbles of a 21st-century city craze and clout.

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The next couple of years saw her feature more on TV, playing cameo and single episodic appearances in shows which were punctuated with her appearance as Gwen Hotchkiss the main antagonist in Passions on NBC (playing the role for the two years – 2000 to 2002 in which the main player Liza Huber) was absent.

In 2006 when she became a part of “Dirty Sexy Money” series on ABC. She played the role of Karen Darling, a lawyer notorious for her failed marriages, getting involved in four failed marriages including one that didn’t survive the reception. It was her first extended act in Hollywood as she featured in 23 episodes.

She was Justified

In 2010, Natalie Zea appeared in the “Justified” pilot. Her performance must have been so good that she was promoted to a member of the cast for the seasons one to three, playing the role of Winona Hawkins a court stenographer who was more than just a court stenographer. She appeared in 44 episodes in all with her last three seasons coming as a recurring member of the cast.

In the years that followed, she was in “The Following” on Fox in a main cast role, then she featured in ABC’s comic pilot “Members Only”, in 2014, as the lead role player. The season was canceled by ABC after the pilot. We can only speculate what her career would have become if the series had gone ahead to become a success for at least five seasons. She was unjustified.

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Her latest role as at the time of writing is “White Famous” from 2017 which stars Jamie Fox and Jay Pharoah on Showtime where she played a three-episode long recurring role.

In 2008, Maxim raked her 80 in their 100 hottest women on the planet.

Summing up her career in an interview, Zea said: “I seem to always get in this role of a sort of being either the estranged love interest or the forlorn love interest or the unrequited love interest of the main gentlemen and that’s kind of my gig.”

Natalie Zea -husband and kids

Natalie Zea met a Kansas-born handsome thespian named Travis Schuldt. The two became friends then began to date from 2004. They dated for more than ten years which should be a record in some subcategories of Hollywood relationships. They finally got married in 2014 on the romantic island of Hawaii and are blessed with a child, a daughter born to them in October 2015 and named Reygan Zea Schuldt.

You should know Mr. Schuldt. He was Keith Dudemeister the resident doctor in Sacred Heart, the center of the comedic drama “Scrubs” on ABC and NBC. He played 39 episodes here. He was also a one-episode player in Fox’s “Fringe” and CBS “The Big Bang Theory”, then featured in seven episodes in FX sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

How can you not know him?

What is Natalie Zea’s net worth?

In writing in this site, the most recurring net worth bloggers attach (some will use the word force) actors with is five million dollars. It seems that they take one look at the star who appears by living standards and the quality of their credits as a decent millionaire and they put their figure as five million dollars. So many of them in our database. See this post to understand better the cause of this rambling.

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Natalie Zea’s net worth is put at six million dollars. Her husband, Travis Schuldt’s net worth is unavailable. In our kind thoughts, we have decided to estimate his net worth as been poorer than his wife’s. Quote us. Anywhere.

Natalie Zea – height, weight, body stats

Natalia Zea is of average height. She is 5 feet five inches (or 1.65 m) tall which is the average height for female stars in Hollywood (we have said this a hundred times in this site) (more than this, we have mentioned the fact that an average male actor is 5 feet ten inches or 1.78 meters tall). Some sites give Natalie Zea’s height at ‎5 feet seven inches.

Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, coming lower, Natalie wears a bra size‎: ‎34 inches (or 86 cm) with a full body measurement of 34-24-35 in (86-61-89 cm). Her dress size is US size 2. She is slim, weighing 54 kg the last time we Googled or 119 pounds with a banana body.

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