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Richard Moll

For more than four decades, Richard Moll has been a joy to watch in the acting industry. He has appeared in films that will stay in the hearts of millions of fans forever. What would you like to know about him? We have five facts about the movie star that will interest you.

1. Richard Moll was born in Pasadena, California

Richard Moll was born on the 13th January 1943, in Pasadena, California. His father Harry Findley Moll was a lawyer, while his mother Violet Anita worked as a nurse. After his graduation from high school, Richard obtained an admission at the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied History and Psychology and was a part of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity. Moll set out to pursue a movie career after graduation and it was not all rosy for him as he dealt with his own shear of setbacks.

2. He made his acting debut in 1977

One of Richard’s setback while starting his acting career was his height. At 12 years of age he had already Richard reached 6ft (1.8m) tall and after his university days, he grew even taller. Many would consider his height as what is needed in the industry but It turned out to be the difference. He found it difficult to land TV roles until 1977 when he appeared in the film “Brigham” as Joseph Smith.

In 1978, he made his television debut in ABC sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter” as Big Thug. He also appeared as Ludes in the television drama series “The Rockford Files” on NBC the same year. Moll was in 35 episodes of TV game shows “Super Password” from 1984-1987 before he landed his first big break as Nostradamus “Bull” Shannon in NBC television sitcom “Night Court”. The series made him popular and gave him a busy ‘90s in the acting industry.

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In the early ‘2000s, Richard Moll was in the animated television series “Justice League” as Mr. Braddock and also made a mark in an episode of the television series “Smallville” as Mr. Moore. Richard Moll triumphed in films as well. The actor has impressive acting credits in an industry that turned its back on him because of his height. The actor is a voice artist he played the voice role in the video game Dante’s Inferno.

Richard Moll also lent his voice role in the film “Two-Face in Batman: The Animated Series. Moll voiced Vorn the Unspeakable, a Cthulhu-like character in Freakazoid!. With many film credits, Moll told CNN Showbiz many years back that he was still growing in the acting industry and there is a clearer understanding of that statement now seeing the number of films he has appeared from that moment till now.

3. He has been married twice

Richard Moll has not really had it all good when it comes to marriage. Richard has been married and divorced two times, and has two children. His first wife was Laura Class whom he married on 26th November 1988. They officially divorced in 1992.

In 1993 he married Susan Brown, a fashion designer whom he met through her stepfather, late comedian Milton Berle. They lived as husband and wife until 2005 when they signed the divorce papers. The union produced two kids who are now adults, Kloe and Mason. Ever since his second marriage ended in 2005, he has not married again.

4. Richard Moll is rich

It all depends on your definition of being rich. Someone who’s net worth rings in millions can’t be described as a broke actor. With his steady growth game in the industry over the years, the actors’ net worth is estimated to be around $7 million as of 2019.

He is still active in the industry and might add something to this net worth or not. Only time can say.

5. Richard Moll is an avid antique collector

Richard Moll is an avid antique collector, a passion that has been in him even before he started his acting journey. His house might have wares traceable to the 15th century as he shares emotional connections with most old stuff that he preserves. The actor lives in Los Angeles where he most times reminisces how he worked as the head of stock in ladies hosiery at a San Francisco store.

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A job he later described as a wrong place for him to have been.

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