Kim Coates: Five Facts You Need To Know

Kim Coates

Kim Coates is among those celebrities who had no idea that they would end up in front of a camera with some tight-voiced director screaming Cut. He had no interest in acting until his University level when he decided to give it a try. Now, what started as a trial version has deepened into a full subscription – a premium actor even. What do you know about him – how much do you know?

We serve you all his facts here.

1. Kim Coates holds dual citizenship

Kim Coates was born on February 21, 1958, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada to Fred and Joyce Coates. The actor grew up in Canada and attended Nutana College before moving to the University of Saskatchewan where he bagged a B.A in Drama. How did he become an American citizen? Kim became a United States citizen not by birth nor because of his parents. His citizenship was by naturalization in 2010, long before the ideas of a wall south or north.

Unlike most of his colleagues who grew up with a passion to be a movie star, Kim never thought he would be in the show business. In fact, the first time he saw a play was in his undergraduate days which piqued his interest and spurred him towards Hollywood.

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After graduation, he performed in many stage productions in Halifax, Nova Scotia before moving to the US.

2. He made his film debut in The Boy in Blue.

Kim Coates started his acting journey in the biopic film “The Boy in Blue” where he played a minor role. In fact, his character name was Mc Coy Man No:2 and it’s a testament to how infinitesimal his contribution was in the film. But debuts are usually like that. Only a small percentage can boast of a breakthrough credit from the word start.

Kim moved to play the role of a Gang Member in the American television crime drama series “Miami Vice” in 1987. The film can be described as his Hollywood debut. A year later, he also appeared in the Canadian comedy film “Palais Royale” as Tony Dicarlo which released came to air in 1988.

In 1997, he appeared in the Canadian horror television series “Poltergeist: The Legacy” as Steven Romero. Kim was also in six episodes of Fox American television series drama “Prison Break” as Richard Sullins. Remember Sullins? He is the FBI agent who contradicted the compromising of the FBI pursuit by the Company and fought to bring the crooked Agent Mahone to book.

Kim’s biggest TV role came in “Sons of Anarchy” a crime drama series where he played the character of Alexander “Tig” Trager, a gang notorious leader. He was in the 92 episodes of the FX series and it ran from 2008 to 2014. Kim has starred in other TV series such “Ghost Wars” and “Bad Blood”. The actor is still active in both Hollywood and Hollywood, shuttling between the two countries, making movies and money.

3. Kim Coates is a married man

Kim Coates married a lady he met during one of the celebrity big parties he attended while his career was kicking up. Her name is Diana. The duo got married in 1988 after dating for months. The couple has two daughters Kyla Coates and Brenna Coates. There have been no rumors of affairs as Kim has shown an example of a real family man on interviews and social media posts. But we are not going to draw final conclusions as we know marriage can be like still water – it runs deep.

The couple currently in Los Angeles, California, United States.

4. The actor has a decent net worth

Kim Coates made his career debut in 1986. He is very much active in Hollywood and Cinema of Canada. Probably he earns his salaries in both currencies. Kim has appeared in highly budgeted films both in the United States and Canada and doesn’t look like one who wants to take a break. How much is the actor’s worth? Kim Coates net worth is $4 million (US). Time will tell if he will increase or blow this up.

5. He is a Gemini Award Nominee

Kim has been nominated in several Awards and has clinched a few one of them. The Gemini Awards is given by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television to recognize the achievements of Canada’s television industry. Kim has been nominated twice for this award and is yet to win it.

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However, he has won a few B-awards such as the award for Best Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role given by the Canadian Screen Awards for his performance as Declan Gardiner in the television series “Bad Blood”. He has also won the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Principal Role Play for his efforts in “Jerusalem”.

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