Troy Gentile: Age, Movies, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

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Troy Gentile

Troy Gentile flew away with many hearts when he appeared in the TV series The Goldbergs. Troy has made a name for himself in Hollywood but not without some grain of controversies as his sexuality has been questioned. What do you know about the American actor? Here are the details about his career – and life.

Troy Gentile: Age

Troy Gentile was born Troy Francis Farshi, on 27th October 1993. His mother, Debra or Debbie (sometimes spelled this way) is a New York native with Italian ancestry who worked at the advertising department of the Boca Raton News while his father, Albert, is from Iran.

Raised in Boca Raton, Florida until he moved with his mother’s family to Los Angeles when his parents divorced. There is no record that suggests he has siblings. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at a community college. It was then that he landed the role of Barry Goldberg in “The Goldbergs”.

Is Troy Gentile Gay?

Troy Gentile has been romantically linked with Jack Black but there is no proof that the two are dating. Jack Black is an actor and singer. Troy met Black when he played the role of young Jack Black in the musical fantasy/comedy movie “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny”.

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Troy Gentile has not disclosed his sexuality nor the nature of the relationship he shares with Jack Black and this has served to further add coal to the pyre of the rumors. There is that matchup with American actress AJ Michalka while filming earlier seasons of “The Golbergs” but this is not enough to dismiss his gay rumors for the people who peddle them.

Aside from the on-screen matchup with AJ Michalka, Troy is yet to be seen with a lady that can be addressed as his girlfriend or wife. Anything romantic. Maybe he is taking his time, maybe he has someone and he is keeping them off the merciless eyes of the press, or maybe he just wants to be alone.

Time shall tell. Or not.

Troy Gentile: Weight loss

Troy Gentile entered the acting industry as a fat (pardon the term you woke bigot) kid in a wheelchair in his debut film but has gone through a dramatic loss of weight. He has not given details about his weight loss (does he owe that to anyone?). Perhaps, he went through different weight loss programs and suffered some of the time. We don’t know. His recent shape, we daresay, looks good on him. It might be worth the suffering.

Troy Gentile’s career

Troy Gentile’s career started when he portrayed the supporting role in the film, “Bad News Bear” as Matthew Hooper in 2005. In the movie, Troy was an overweight kid strapped in a wheelchair but who loves to play baseball. The movie also starred actors like Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal.

The film was a remake of its 1976 original. However, while the 1976 originals received critical acclaim, the 2005 remake received mixed reviews but shockingly, the film won the 2005 Young Artist Award for Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Feature Film.

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Troy also featured in a 2005 episode of CBS’ “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’”, where he played a younger version of the Scottish-American host. He later featured in other films including “I Could Never Be Your Woman”, “Hotel for Dogs”, and “Pineapple Express”; he also appeared in the short film “Pig Lady”.

Troy Gentile had an uncredited role in the action-comedy “Pineapple Express”. Troy also featured in a 2008 episode of HBO’s comedy-drama series “Entourage” and a 2010 episode of TNT’s medical drama series “Hawthorne”.

In September 2021, “The Goldbergs” returned to the screen for its ninth season on ABC with Gentile reprising his role of Barry. According to Deadline, the show paid a heartfelt tribute to longtime cast member George Segal, who passed away in March, aged 87. Time shall tell if this tribute would be the thing the season would be remembered for.

More on career and net worth

Troy has also played minor roles in TV shows like “The Middle”, “American Dad”, and “Those Who Can’t”. He also went on to appear in films like “Drillbit Taylor” which was alongside Owen Wilson.

Troy made a big hit in the sitcom, “The Goldbergs” where he received his first TV lead role as Barry Goldberg. In the movie, he played the character of Barry Goldberg who is so good at ice hockey and wrestling but woeful at other things until love found him.

Troy Gentile has been active in the acting industry since 2005 –that was even before he became a teenager. He has many films to his credit meaning that he has been getting paid. What is Troy Gentile’s exact net worth? We don’t have an exact figure of Troy’s net worth. Some online sources put his net worth at 500,000 dollars while others put his net worth at 5 million dollars.

The gap is too much. But one thing we know is that Troy Gentile is not bankrupt.

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