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Holliday Grainger

The British contribution to modern drama has been solidified in the annals of creativity. But there is no indication that they have ceased contributing as now and again an act emerges to show that they are not just the kinspeople of Shakespeare but that they own the stage. Holliday Grainger is one such example.

Here are seven about the star.

1. Holliday Grainger is involved in about 20 series

Holliday Grainger began her career when she was aged five. She featured in four episodes of “All Quiet on the Preston Front”,  a comic drama series that aired on BBC in the 1990s. Two years later, Grainger featured in ITV’s children comedy series “Roger and the Rottentrolls”. Then another series four years later, and one year after that, and two years after that, and two years after that…

In all, according to IMDb, Holliday has featured in 18 TV series as of 2018. That is about 20 series like we claim. And the calendar is ticking forward, towards more TV appearances. And there is no cast-iron guarantee that IMDb didn’t leave out any series.

2. Holliday Grainger dated Francois Arnaud

Holliday’s beauty has not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated in the industry. In 2011, we heard she was dating Francois Arnaud, the Canadian actor whom you probably know as Cesare Borgia from Showtime’s show “The Borgia” or as Manfred Bernardo in NBC’s show “Midnight”. The two dated for about one year. They broke up in 2010.

It didn’t work with a foreigner, just as it didn’t work when Grainger dated her fellow national Luke Bailey. Bailey is a writer, director, and actor. If you have seen the British medical series “Casualty” on BBC then you know him. He was Sam Bateman in that show. Bailey and Grainger dated for more than four years between 2007 and 2011.

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Today, we know not whom Grainger dates. The two boys she let the media know when she dated didn’t turn out well, so we understand if she decided not to let the media jinx her next relationship(s). And no, Holliday Grainger is not yet married.

3. She was Robin Ellacott in “Strike”

Strike while the iron is hot is a popular idiomatic expression. And while at it, feature Holliday Grainger in the role of Robin Ellacott in the series. “Strike” is a TV series on BBC One. It is a detective drama based on a trilogy of novels by JK Rowlings, the legend who created Harry Potter.

Robin Ellicott is the secretary of the private investigator Cormoran Strike and transformed into many personalities in her quest to help her boss unveil mysteries.

4. She was in Merlin

Grainger was in Merlin where she played the role of Sophia the witch who tried to kill Arthur as Merlin foresaw in a dream. She was told to kill a royalty to pay for her crimes in the eternal land which makes her live among humans as a punishment.

Sophia didn’t succeed, of course, how would she when Merlin was there to interfere. Merlin stopped her from drowning him in the lake and then he killed her with her own magical staff.

5. Holliday Grainger was born in Manchester

What do you know about Manchester? You probably know the two giant soccer clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, and you kind of expected us to say Grainger was born in the boundary between both clubs. Grainger was born in a place called Didsbury, Manchester.

Grainger studied in Parrs Wood High School in Didsbury, then she went to Leeds University and then to the Open University. Grainger who was born Holliday Clark Grainger in March 1988 is also known on set as Holly Grainger.

6. Ms. Grainger has Italian blood in her veins

Grainger has Italian ancestry. This might not have come with an Italian name like Bonucci or Allegri, but it is there all right. Grainger’s grandfather from her mother’s side is an Italian. He is from “a little village in the mountains” outside of Rome, Holliday says of him. A little village today but in the ancient time, her ancestor could have been one of those silver-haired senators who listened as Cicero ended his legendary rages with “Carthage must be destroyed.”

Now that you know about her Italian roots, if you run into Grainger, someday, tell her “per favore Sposami”. If you don’t get a stare that would kill you, you would smile down the altar in your oversized suit.

7. Holliday Grainger was in “Great Expectations”

Yes, “Great Expectations” that hefty book by Charles Dickens you didn’t read in High School. Well, it is now a movie and Grainger featured in it. The film was critically well-received but it wasn’t what you will call a blockbuster in the box office as it made a paltry 6.2 million dollars.

Grainger was in another adapted from a novel film. She featured in the romantic and historical film “Anne Karenina” made in 2012 from the novel “Anne Karenina” by the Russian master writer Leo Tolstoy. She was also part of the adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s 1947 novel “Jane Eyre” and the novel “Bel Ami” by Guy de Maupassant when it was turned into a movie in 2011.

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Now it is beginning to sound like Grainger is the mother of adapted films. Well, you haven’t even heard all. She was in “Cinderella” (2015), she was in “The Bad Mother’s Handbook” (2007), “Tell It to The Bees” (2018), “Animals” (2009). There is nothing wrong with appearing in adaptations nor in appearing in flops such as “Finest Hours” the American short historical thrilling movie which was filmed in 2006 for around 80 million dollars and only made 51 million. Her finest flop maybe.

8. She has made a fortune for herself

Ms. Grainger is worth five million dollars. According to many sources online, Holliday is worth five million dollars. She has made scores of appearances in TV and movies in two continents. An actress is worth her wages.

But why always five million dollars? We suspect that when sites who calculate the incomes of these actors are not sure they just settle for five million dollars. Below are some of the random stars whose incomes are conveniently put at five million dollars.

Paige Turco

Ted McGinley

Alex Roe

Troy Gentile

Yvette Mimieux


Image source: Irish Independent



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