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Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson is an actor, producer, and director who has now retired. When she was working she was a part of more than sixty acting and filmmaking credits and has been a recipient of important nominations. Here are all the facts you need to know.

Kate Jackson – age

Kate Jackson was born in October 1948. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the United States, born to Ruth and  Hogan Jackson. She attended The Brooke Hill School for Girls, University of Mississippi, Birmingham Southern College, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City where she studied acting. To further enhance her acting skills, she was an apprentice of the Stowe Playhouse in Stowe, Vermont.

Kate Jackson is 71 years old.

Kate Jackson – career

Kate was said to have been discovered by Paramount Studios head Robert Evans who, rumors had it, was struck by her 1940s Hollywood looks, whatever that means. Before she became an actor, she was a model from the age of 16.

Kate Jackson’s career as an actress began in a horror film titled “Night of Dark Shadows”. Her second credit was “Limbo” a 1972 film about three women, one of them Kate Jackson’s character whose husbands went missing in action in Vietnam. It was even more terrible for the Sandy Lawton woman Kate was played as her husband left for Vietnam just two weeks after her wedding.

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In 1979, she played the role of Nancy Sue Hunnicutt in the action film “Thunder and Lightning”. The film did very well in the box office as it earned 3.1 million of a budget of three million dollars. Or not so well. “Dirty Tricks” and “Making Love” are part of her list of films. In 1989, she was Diane Bodek in the comedy film “Loverboy” which happens to be one of her most known characters.

On the TV aspect, Ms. Jackson is a party to more than thirty TV movies including “The Stranger Within” on CBS (1990) and “Satan’s School for Girls” (2000) on ABC. Earlier, in the drama aspect of TV, Kate Jackson was Sabrina Duncan in “Charlie’s Angels” a crime TV series on ABC. She was part of the show for 69 episodes (between 1976 and 1979) for which she got both an Emmy primetime and Golden Globe awards.

In 1983 up till 1987, he played the title character and lead role of Amanda King in the series “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” on CBS, playing the divorced mother of two who became entangled with the agency which she later began to work for. She was a part of the show for all of the 88 episodes of the four seasons. And more than thirty years on, Kate Jackson is still recognized for this role. It is also this show that gave Jackson her directorial debut. In all, she has directed two different shows and worked as a producer in four.

Kate Jackson – marriages

Kate Jackson has been married or involved in a romantic partnership in a handful of times. First, she was married to Andrew Stevens the film executive, producer, and actor with dozens of movies to his name. The two got married in 1978 and divorced before three years. Stevens went on to get married to and divorce two other women.

For her second marriage, she chose David Greenwald an editor and director, most known for the film Sidewalks of New York (2001). They got married in 1982 and divorced before the end of 1984. Kate didn’t remarry for the next seven years only settling down when she found love in Tom Hart a stuntman who is known for his work in The Terminator (1984). They married in 1991 and like the previous marriages, they broke up in less than three years.

Before she got married, she was lovers with the actor Edward Albert.


Kate Jackson had battles with cancer. It started in January while she was filming “Scarecrow and Mrs. Kings”. She had a dream that something was wrong with her and decided that this was her body talking to her. “I believe your body talks to you, and you have to listen to it,” she said years later in an interview. So she went for a mammogram and found out a malignant growth on her breast. She went to the hospital under an alias and had a lumpectomy and underwent five weeks of radiation. She was back on set in no time.

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In September 1989, cancer reared its ugly head again. She found a cancerous cluster of cells on the same breast that she had treated more than two years back. To fight this, she had partial mastectomy then reconstructive plastic surgery.

“People are so kind,” she said of the support she got from family and friends during these ordeals.

Height and net worth

Kate Jackson’s earnings have not always been a smooth ride. In 2010, she filed a lawsuit against her financial advisor, Richard B. Francis, claiming that his actions made her lose money in the excess of three million dollars. They settled out of court and Francis paid her an undisclosed amount. Kate’s last work in Hollywood was in 2006 which was well over ten years ago ad she is still there, on the right side of the financial stead. Her salary details are not public knowledge. We know, however, that she made ten thousand dollars per episode of “Charlie’s Angels” in season one and forty thousand dollars in the fourth season.

Kate Jackson is worth ten million dollars.

Kate is rather tall as she stands at  5 feet 8½ inches (1.74 meters).

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