Laura Slade Wiggins: Six Quick Facts

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Laura Slade Wiggins

Laura Slade Wiggins is that type of actress you will see with a movie script in one hand and the next minute she is strumming away on a guitar. The actress has become quite popular in the show business and here are six quick facts about her.

1. Laura Slade Wiggins was born in Athens, Georgia

Laura Slade Wiggins was born on August 8, 1988, to a well-known attorney Mark Wiggins in Athens, Georgia, USA. The name of her mother is Kathy Wiggins, her occupation is not public.  Laura has a brother named Motie Wiggins whom she grew up with.

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During her childhood days, she discovered her love for acting and joined the community theater Oconee Youth Playhouse, performing in a number of their plays in Watkinsville, GA. Her discovery into the acting world did not interrupt her education, instead, it enhanced it. Laura moved to Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California, United State where she bagged her degree after which she started off her acting journey.

2. She became popular after playing the role of Karen Jackson in “Shameless”

Which movie did you first discover the talent of Laura Slade Wiggins? Some fans got attracted to her when she portrayed the role of Karen Jackson in the Showtime American comedy-drama television series “Shameless” where she portrayed the role of a sex-addicted teenager who sleeps around for the fun of it to the point that her father called her a whore.

Speaking to Chicago tribune after one of the episodes she said, “I had to do two blowjob scenes and I’m Southern Baptist,” which she considered quite embarrassing. But it’s a movie and you have to do some things that are not quite conventional. In fact, you have to be “Shameless”.

But Laura made her acting debut in the film “Not Like Everyone Else” as Kimberly. A year later, she was in “Girl, Positive” as Lindsay Carter. More roles came and in 2008, she appeared in the American Zombie drama “Dance of the Dead”.

Laura also left her acting mark in The CW American science fiction series “The Tomorrow People” as Irene Quinn. Although she appeared in only five episodes in the series she has already become famous and every appearance should be considered a major hit. She has other acting credits under her sleeve and in 2019 she was in the American mystery teen film “Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase” as Helen Corning.

3. Laura Slade Wiggins is married

Laura Slade Wiggins is off the single’s list. The actress is married to stuntman Kyle Weishaar. The duo tied the knot on June 23, 2018, after dating for ten years. There are people who would ask why date so one for that long? Well, it’s a choice and most people are not in a hurry to say I do.

Laura met Kyle on the set of Taylor Swift’s Sony TX7 commercial in 2008 and the flame of love began to burn from both ends which led to the union. It’s been a year the couple got married and our ers are ground to receive the good news of the newest addition in the Laura Kyle Weishaar family. But hey, there’s no rush.

4. She released an EP album entitled “Clementine” in 2012

Most actresses are multi-talented that they can’t let any of their hidden talents to follow them to the grave unutilized, perhaps they read John Milton’s “On His Blindness” poem. When Laura discovered her acting talent, she also found her singing talent and in 2012, she released an Ep entitled “Clementine”.

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The genre of the songs is Rock, and it has four tracklists namely “Getting Away With Murder”, “Stepping Out”, “For All I care”, “Where Have All The Cowboys”. She has performed in many places with these songs and if the acting thing folds up tomorrow she can fall back on her music career.

5. The actress has a net worth of $2 million

You will not call Laura an A-List actress but somehow she is not far from the top. She is just 31 years of age and has already appeared in Hollywood big and small screens. The actress has an estimated net worth of $2 million and this she earned through her acting and perhaps singing career. She hasn’t reached the pinnacle she clamored to reach and the good news is that she enough time sitting on her laps to earn more money and retire in a Beach in the Bahamas, wearing a bikini and sipping fruit juice with her husband, watching the rising and falling of the tide. Her choice, anyways.

6. Laura helps rape and sexual abuse victims overcome trauma

Laura gives back to the community in the best way she can. In a world where pedophiles and rapists are rising every day, Laura devotes time to help sexually abused victims to recover from their trauma by instilling hope of a better future in them. She has even earned an award doing this work as the global charity organization, Drawing Hope International gave her the Point of Courage Award in 2012.

She also spreads eating disorders awareness to help people suffering from bulimia and anorexia. Laura is a lover of tattoos and has got a dove symbol tatted under her armpit. When she is not on set, she is with her dog named “Papillio”.

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