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Alison Pill

There are movie titles and there are weird movie titles. And there is that one movie title that grabs you on the collar and proceeds to give you a haircut by force.  What do you think of You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Camp Out Party? It is a movie title and the first film that Alison Pill was involved in. What else do you know of the star? She was in The Book of Daniel, yes; she was in “Midnight in Paris”, yes; and she has a baby-face.

Here are the full Alison Pill facts you need to know.

Alison Pill was born in Ontario

Alison Pill was born in Toronto, Ontario in November 1085. She was called Alison Courtney Pill. Her father is Estonian making Alison a first-generation Canadian. She grew up in Ontario where she attended Vaughan Road Academy. She didn’t even finish school in Ontario as she moved to New York when she became a constance in the dial of filmmakers.

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Her childhood from ten years old was largely lived on the set of performances.

Alison Pill began acting at 10

Alison Pill was a child actor. Pill’s interest in acting began when she joined the Toronto Children’s Chorus. It was said, don’t quote us, that her mother tried and succeeded in discouraging her from being a singer. Her mother used her influence to get her a background gig in a television series. She got the bug so fast that before her twelve birthday she was already part of it least four acting credits.

2006 was her breakthrough year. She became an adult actress. She was part of “The Book of Daniel” a Christian drama on NBC. It wasn’t such a hit, the series. It shot eight episodes but couldn’t air the last three. But it was a hit for Pill’s career. She showed her mantle in as an adult and main cast player. That same year, she featured in had what can be said to be her biggest Broadway performance – “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”.

In the next few years, Pill was part of big movies such as “Milk” which won the Oscar for 2008, the comedy action film “The Pilgrim Vs The World” (2010) and “From Rome with Love” the 2012 magical romantic comedy. In all, Alison Pill is a rounded actress with credits in films, on television, in music videos, on theater stages, on web series, and musical albums.

There are nearly 100 credits. Plus a dozen award nominations.

The star was engaged to Jay Baruchel

If you ever wondered why she is yet to get married despite having heard of her being strongly linked to a man nearly ten years ago. And no, it is not about her age, she’s just thirty-four years. On a whim, we can gather up to a preliminary list of 20 over-forty single actors from our database. Not necessary.

Pill dated Jay Baruchel and it was a serious relationship. She got engaged to him in 2010. Jay Baruchel is a Canadian actor, comedian, and director from Pill’s hometown of Ontario. Jay and Alison broke up in 2013 and this is not from the tabloid. Jay mentioned it on Twitter. A few years later, in 2018, he got engaged to Rebecca-Jo Dunham. It is now heading to the end of 2019 and the two are still not married.

Family – Alison Pill is married with a child

The lucky man is Joshua Leonard. Joshua Leonard is an actor, writer, and filmmaker whom IMDb described as having “made an indelible mark on independent film and television throughout his career.” He was born in Houston, Texas and before twenty had lived and worked in Mexico and the United Kingdom, mastering a series of arts including photography.

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Alison and Joshua got married in 2015. Joshua Leonard engaged her in January and married her in May. Tag Jay Baruchel. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard are blessed with a child, a daughter named  Wilder Grace Leonard, born in November 2016.

Net worth

Alison Pill is worth 2 million dollars. Considering all that we have seen of her in Canada and in Hollywood, in films and on TV, this amount rather looks like short payment. The only consolation here is that we are not 100% sure this is her true income. And she is not complaining.

Alison is 5 feet 6 plus inches or 169 cm tall. She wears 34B bra size. We are sure of the size. In 2013, she mistakenly tweeted a picture of her topless.

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