Dakota Blue Richards: Age, Career And Other Endeavours

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Dakota Blue Richards

Dakota Blue Richards was that wayward teenager who appeared in the Dustbin Baby. The English actress who wanted to be a school teacher at the age of 13 no longer envisions herself in the four walls of a class surrounded by pupils. She now prefers the pomp and glee and giddiness that Hollywood offers. What do you know about her? Perhaps not enough – it is never enough. See her full facts here.

Dakota  Blue Richards: Age and Early Life

Dakota Blue Richards was born on April 11, 1994, at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in South Kensington, London (London, London, London, London, London, London, elsewhere). She was raised by her mother Michaela who gave her the name Dakota, a name she chose while spending a year in America after studying American studies at Sussex University. Her middle name Blue is the name of her father who is unknown. Dakota has a half-sister named Maya. Her grandfather, Michael Wyndham Richards, is an emeritus professor of Theatre.

She attended various schools. She attended Newlands School where she took drama classes, but that wasn’t enough. She attended weekend acting lessons and created time for herself to be at various auditions. Dakota also schooled at St Paul’s Primary School in Brighton and later Blatchington Mill School in Hove. She learned jazz tap, ballet and stage combat at KBis Theatre School in Brighton where she was constantly bullied because of her ginger hair.

She is 25 years old.

Dakota Blue Richards: Career

The acting career of Dakota Blue Richards started the night her mother read her the story of Lyra from the first novel in Philip Pullman’s trilogy “His Dark Materials”. Her mother also took her to the National Theatre to see the play.  When the novel was about to be adapted into a film, the casting directors were faced with the herculean task of finding the perfect character of Lyra Belacqua. More than 10,000 kids were jostling for the role of Lyra in “The Golden Compass”.

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However, fortune was on the side of Dakota who after the night she watched Lyra in the theater, told her mother that she wants to be Lyra so her mother took her to the audition venue and urged her to be herself and not to cry even if she was not picked for the Lyra role. She didn’t cry, she didn’t have to as she was selected to play Lyra and put a smile on her mother’s face. Her portrayal of Lyra was her debut and breakout role.

In 2008, she landed the role of Maria Merryweather in the fantasy film “The Secret of Moonacre.” The film is based on the novel “The Little White Horse” by Elizabeth Goudge. In the same year, she starred as April Johnson in the BBC television film “Dustbin Baby”. A woman adopted her after she was found in a dustbin near a pizza parlor. The story would have been hidden from her, but she got to know about her discovery after she fell out with her adoptive mother who didn’t get her the mobile phone she requested for on her birthday.

Dakota was Franky Fitzgerald in the teen comedy-drama series “Skins”. She also played the role of WPC Shirley Trewlove in the BBC detective drama series “Endeavour”. Dakota has appeared in theater plays like “Arcadia” and a “Streetcar Named Desire”. In addition to her acting credits, she has been nominated for various awards but is yet to win any.


Dakota lives a private lifestyle. However, she can’t keep everything away from the prying eyes of the press, as celebrities hardly do. She has been dating British actor Robbie Curran since 2005. Robbie is known for his role in “for Doctors: The Ties that Bind”. He is also a writer. The two support each other in their careers. There is no talk of marriage.

Dakota is young and could probably be more focused on her career, the same goes for Robbie.

Dakota Blue Richards: Net worth, heights, and other facts

Dakota Blue has a net worth of 1 million dollars. Her filmography is not lengthy but she has shown huge flashes of brilliance in the projects she has appeared in. Dakota has the world at her feet and the world still watches, salivating, hoping to see the height she can reach in acting after she pausing her dream of becoming a primary school teacher. So far, good enough.

She stands at a height of 5 ft 6 inches or 168 meters. She also weighs around 57 kg or 126 pounds. Her bra size is 32DD or 32E. Dakota has done a nude photoshoot for Ocean 2012 campaign, which aimed to send a message against overfishing. She is a supporter of United Kingdom-based charity, Action for Children where she speaks up against youth bullies and injustice.

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