Trieste Dunn Kelly: Six Quick Facts

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Trieste Dunn Kelly

Don’t be fooled by her good looks, this lady has killed people, then stand over them and watch in cold blood as they bleed to death. On the sets of movies. Now, aside from her film credits, what else do you know of the actress? Here are six quick facts.

1. Trieste Dunn Kelly was born in Utah

Trieste Dunn Kelly was born in Provo, Utah on January 14, 1981. The name of her parents and the occupation they engaged in raising her is unknown. Trieste has never disclosed if she has siblings, she only posted a picture where her dad carried her as a baby with the caption “Thanks for always enabling and encouraging my #wildestaddictions” she hashtagged.

Trieste interest in acting started at her tender age which inspired her to study Theater at the North Carolina School of the Arts.

2. Her nude pictures once leaked online

There are stars who once in a while surprise the internet with their nudes and sex tapes, there are also stars whom the internet surprises with their own sex tape leaked online by others. While Trieste was enjoying the euphoria of fame, she woke up one morning to find her naked pictures have been entertaining people online.

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Her nude pictures were not the only thing that was hacked and released online, her sex tape also appeared on the internet. It was a mess. Real mess as the pictures reveals where she was in a very intimate position with her boyfriend. Save for her face, you would have mistaken her for a porn star auditioning for a role.

How did she react to her leaked nudes? Well, the first reaction to these sort of things is anger, hate for the internet (and/or shame) but after a while, it goes away – or so you would believe. And that was what happened as she moved on with her life, after all, she is not the first.

3. Her career began in a Mysterious way

Trieste Dunn Kelly made her acting debut in the coming-of-age drama film “Mysterious Skin” in the year 2004. After her debut, she appeared in the crime drama television series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” on NBC as Gloria Kalhune.

In 2008, Trieste appeared as the main cast on Fox’s legal drama television series “Canterbury’s Law” as Molly McConnell. Trieste also played the role of Gail in the 2010 mystery film “Cold Weather”. She made other appearances in films and TV series before she landed her big role in the action television series “Banshee” which appeared on the Cinemax network. She stayed on the series from 2013-2015 before he character was eventually killed off.

Trieste also landed another role in the crime drama television series “Blindspot”. Other films she appeared in includes “Strangers”, “Elementary” and “The Passage”.

4. Trieste Dunn Kelly is not married

Love and Marriage are two things that happen when you’re ready – and sometimes not. Marriage, in particular, is usually a new road, a step you might not have taken before. As for Trieste, we’re not sure about all that has been happening in her private. Yes, she had a boyfriend whom the tabloids make a mess of their affair, she has become with discreet with her personal life. And some would add, has slowed down a bit on the matrimonial angle.

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When asked about her relationship status these days she covered it all with the saying that she wants to be remembered for her works on screen than who she is with. Currently, the actress is not married.

5. The actress has a net worth of 3 million dollars

Trieste made her acting debut in 2004. She has appeared in Hollywood small and big screens clinching awards and positive reviews in the process. Her only source of income comes from the acting industry. The actress net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars. She is very much active in Hollywood and her net worth might swell if she maintains her level of consistency over the years.

The ball is in her court.

6. Trieste Dunn Kelly is 1.7 meters tall

In Hollywood, the average height of women is 5 feet 5 inches, but this actress has out-Dunn them with a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m). Trieste weighs around 55 kg or 121 pounds. Her bra size is a moderate 33 inches. She has brown eyes and we do not know of any tattoos.

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