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Some actors are born, some are made, while some still have the act scarred into them. Tommy Flanagan is a little of these three. He started his career in 1992 and has gone on to feature in films and TV shows in two continents, surpassing the half-century figure. While he has made a name for himself on your screen, some of his life stories would have made a decent subplot in one of the films that he has featured in.

Tommy Flanagan was born in Glasgow

Tommy Flanagan was born in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. He was born in July 1965. He is the second in a family of four kids. One of his siblings is Andrew Flanagan an actor. Tommy spent most of his life in Glasgow where he was an altar boy at some point.

Flanagan is one of those kinds of people whose educational background is less important than the odd jobs they do. So here is it, Tommy used to be a DJ at dance clubs in Glasgow.

Tommy Flanagan was once attacked with a knife

Tommy Flanagan’s career began he nearly lost his life in a nightclub fight in Glasgow. No one knows for sure how this fight happened; the popular line is that he was working home after a gig some night and these thugs just attacked him and wounded him.

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The attack nearly ended his life but it succeeded in ending his career as a DJ. It opened the door for him to become a movie star. According to IMDb, while he lay on his hospital bed, his friend, a certain Robert Carlyle suggested that he gave acting a try. He did by joining the Carlyle’s Raindog Theatre Company from whence and his new career began.

The scar he got from his near-fatal accidence gave him one scar in either side of his face which gave him a trademark look known as Glaswegian Smile or Glasgow grin.

Career – Tommy Flanagan is a Wu Assasin

In 2018, two filmmakers John Wirth and Tony Krantz conceived and created a supernatural action crime series “Wu Assasins” which Netflix bought. Tommy Flanagan was in this show. He played the role of Alec McCullough a crime lord with a supernatural lifespan-extending power who had made a big name for himself as a Wu Assasin so much that he came to San Fransisco to try to take over the crime mob set and operated by the Chinese.

This happens to be one of his major appearances on TV. The first price for his major TV appearances goes to “Sons of Anarchy” the crime drama on FX. The series revolves around a criminal Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club with powers in and outside the United States of America. Flanagan played the role of Filip “Chibs” Telford the president of the club in its founding home of the city of Charming in California. He was in the whole seven seasons of the show between 2008 and 2014 over 90 episodes.

Other Flanagan’s TV appearances include insignificant appearances in popular shows such as Fox’s “24”, ABC’s “Revenge”, and DC Comics’ “Gotham”.

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The TV is the most prominent aspect of his career but films were his base. His first movie was “Braveheart” a 1995 film produced and starring Mel Gibson who saw the potentials in the debutant and began to expand Tommy Flanagan’s roles in future films.

Family – He is a serial married man

Tommy Flanagan has married three times which is not even such a big deal in today’s Hollywood. But if any of the priests he served on the altar were to hear of this, they would definitely think along that line. Flanagan’s first wife is Rachel Flanagan whom he was married to between 1997 and 2001. After six years of matrimonial hiatus, he married Jane Ford in 2007. The two divorced after three years. He married his present wife Dina almost immediately after the annulment of his marriage with Ms. Ford.

The couple is blessed with a child and the family lives in Los Angeles. “I do miss Glasgow,” he always admits, “but Malibu is home now. ”

He has an impressive net worth

Tommy Flanagan is 6 feet 1 inches or 1.85cm tall. But has one’s height have to do with their net worth? It is net worth which means it should cover every aspect of his worth besides money. But because you all are used to measuring a man’s worth by how much bloggers say the owns. Well, Mr. Flanagan is worth 3 cool million dollars which would have taken him hundreds of years to make as the second-rate DJ he was in Glasgow.

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