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Afro Candy (sometimes spelled Afrocandy) calls herself Jack of All Trade. She is not a master of all. Her musical career is one place she didn’t quite hit it. Her most popular song “Ikebe Na Moni” has less than 100 thousand views on Youtube and more dislikes than likes. How much of the entertainer, real name Judith Chichi Okpara Mazagwu, do you know? Here are five facts for you.

She once claimed every man wants to sleep with her

If you are a man, even if you are just hearing about Afro Candy, you are already guilty, by association, of wanting to sleep with the porn artist. The entertainer told Vanguard Newspaper in July 2014 that men are always pestering her for sex. There are those who call and begin jerking on the phone, she said. For others, they “would call me and start negotiating how much they would pay to have sex with me.”

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She just laughs at them all. For two reasons. One, she says her body is not a national cake for every Okeke and Okafor to want to partake in it. Secondly, men are like babies, little things get to their brain. Yes, little things like baring maximum mammalian glands and spreading legs on the coasts of the bed.

Afro Candy once begged for money online to pay her daughter’s school fees

Afrocandy is a musician, an actress, a model, a filmmaker and a songwriter, and an overall entertainer. Having many gigs doesn’t always translate to making money and being busy is not always rewarded with a slice of the financial cake. Afro Candy learned this in early 2014 when her daughter got admission into the university. First, she announced to her fans on Facebook that her daughter had gotten admission to a chorus of congratulations. Later, she returned to raise funds.

“I am a single mother of two well-behaved, intelligent, smart girls,” her preamble read. “Moved from Africa in 2005 to join their father who abandoned us after one year of living together. Since then I have been struggling on my own without support from any particular person.”

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It was a long essay which ends with a touching “Please help me now that I am still alive before I lose it.”

Less than three months later, Afro Candy said this was a stunt. She said she pulled the stunt in order to make her daughter accept to go to a less expensive school. “When you have Abraham as your father, you can’t be broke,” she bragged. “I am Afrocandy. I’m a star.”

The “help me before I lose it” part of her plea doesn’t sound like a stunt. But it is a stunt if Afro Candy says it is a stunt. Her daughter, her Facebook, her post, her stunt.

Afro Candy doesn’t see herself as a porn artist

While it is granted information that Afro Candy is a porn star, she will never hear of it. “I don’t do Porn Movies though our people call it porn movie,” she insists; “but it is not porn, it is just regular movie and if you watch the whole film, you will realize that it also has a storyline.”

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It is regular with its storyline except that the actors are totally nude and are not playing Ludo. The “star” is involved in many channels, in some of which visitors are required to pay a fee to gain access. This is not porn, to her, porn just what Nigerians call her hustles.

How do her daughters take this? She didn’t mince one word: “They read all the comments on the internet and they laugh at our backwardness and ignorance as Nigerians.”

The actress has had a turbulent marriage

Afro Candy’s marriage is something that might have been taken whole from a Nollywood saga. The husband, Bolton Elumelu Mazagwu lives in the United State. He has lived there even when he married the entertainer and she lived in Nigeria. He only came home to visit her from time to time. Then she joined him in the States. After three months, he left her. She went to beg him, he returned, heard gossip about her and left again.

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Judith said he had come begging her again but that she doesn’t want him back.

There are views in some quarters who feel that Afrocandy became a sex actress after she suffered abandonment by her husband and had to fend for herself and two daughters alone. While the actress has always denied this as fact she admitted that her movies, while she was still married, were more decent. “I wasn’t controversial,” she said. “I was just a regular actress.”

Afro Candy once worked as a security person

When your father is Abraham, you can’t be broke. Yes, but if you are a prodigal daughter and far from your father’s good books and married to a not too supported husband, you will be broke. This might be the case of Afrocandy. When she first came into the United States, she was unable to find her feet in what she knew how to do best, entertaining. So she did anything. According to her, her husband wanted her to do all kinds of menial jobs. In more than one occasion, she was a security guard.

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“It wasn’t easy,” she said. She survived this and can now, we suppose, look back to those times from the comfort of her couch. Or not.

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