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Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan is a big name not just in acting but also in comedy. Having appeared in films and shows, Nicole is one entertainer who is still active in Hollywood. She is that one entertainer you just want to know more about? See quick facts.

Nicole Sullivan: Age and early life

Nicole Sullivan was born on April 21, 1970, in New York, the United States of America to Edward Sullivan a politician who was a New York Assemblyman for 25 years (between 1977 and 2002). Nicole’s mother was a businesswoman in Manhattan. Being the daughter of a politician is not always that rosy as Nicole always get whatever she wanted.

At age seven, she started showing flashes of brilliance in dancing and went on to perform in Off-Broadway and Broadway productions with the First All-Children’s Theatre. However, her father decided to relocate the family to Middleburgh New York and Nicole found another passion, this time in the soccer pitch. It was not only soccer that took Nicole’s in high school; she was also active in other extra-curricular activities like bookkeeping and analyzing the records of the male basketball team. And this was not all as the students also trusted her with their money as a class treasurer – a post she handled so well.

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After graduating from high school, Nicole enrolled in Northwestern University where she majored in Theater. While in college, Nicole was doing two jobs in order to pay her student debts. She wrote plays for the student theater and later moved to London in her junior year to study at the British American Drama Academy.  After studying Shakespeare’s works and that of other notable playwrights like Henrik Ibsen, Nicole became a proud member of the Greenwich Shakespeare Company.

The years that followed after School announced Nicole Sullivan into the entertainment and her acting/comedy career blossomed.

Nicole Sullivan: Career

She made her screen debut on an episode of the show Herman’s Head in 1991. The TV series is an American sitcom that aired on Fox Network. Nicole appeared in other minor roles in order to boost her acting CV while waiting for her big break.

And her big break didn’t take long as she appeared in 142 episodes of an American sketch comedy television series entitled “MadTV”. The show was inspired by Mad magazine and it ran from 1995- 2001, with recurring episodes in 2016. Nicole’s film debut was in the 2000 comedy film “Bar Hopping” as Mara.

While Nicole’s fame expanded, she focused mainly on series and had few credits in films. Nicole starred in the American sitcom “The King of Queens” which ran on CBS from 2001-2007. Nicole also starred in other series like “The Exes” with Donald Faison and Wayne Right. Nicole was also in the Americal medical television drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” as J.J.

Born to star in different areas in the show business, she appeared on “Late Show” with David Letterman many times. She appeared in “The Sharon Osbourne Show” and “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson.

Nicole has also done voice roles in video games like “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” as Mira Nova. Other video games where lent her voice acting role include “Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist”, “Meet The Robinsons” and “FusionFall”. She also starred in her show “Rita Rocks in 2008 and was the winner of the inaugural Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo. She donated her prize money of $100,000 to Alley Cat Allies

Relationship and family

Nicole Sullivan was in a romantic relationship with Seth MacFarlane which lasted two for just two years. The duo broke up due to irreconcilable differences and everyone moved on.

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Later, Nicole found love in the eyes of actor Jason Packham whom she met in 2006. The two got married that same year. Currently, the couple has two sons, Beckett Edward and Dashel Pierce. Does Nicole have siblings? Yes, she has one sister named Jennifer whom she shares a close relationship with.

What Nicole Sullivan’s net worth?

Nicole started her acting career 28 years ago and has remained active in the acting industry since then. She has starred in high budgeted series and films. How much is Nicole’s worth financially? Nicole Sullivan net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. She could worth more than this amount, no one can tell for sure, for instance, what is inside her jewelry box.

Nicole Sullivan lives with her husband and kids in Los Angeles.

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