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Teri Polo

Teri Polo is an actress of considerable note. She hit the screen in 1986 and has now featured in dozens of film and TV credits including the political drama “The West Wing” and “The Forsters”. What has her life panned out in and outside of the screen? Join us, it might be an entertaining ride.


Teri Polo was born Theresa Elizabeth Polo in 1969. She was born to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent and Jane Polo in Dover, Delaware. Teri has Italian ancestry which might explain her introduction to and early fascination, if not an obsession with, ballet dance. In all, she learned and danced ballet for 12 years up to her high school level when she won a place in an important regional ballet dancing troupe.

Teri Poli is 50 years old.

Teri Polo – career

It was modeling and not dancing that gave her a shot at the game of showbusiness. The modeling bug was so strong in her that she dropped out of high school (Holy Cross Elementary School in Dover where she is said to be a straight-“A”s student) to pursue modeling. Years later, she will say “I became disillusioned with dance when I was 16 and started focusing on acting.”

But it was the rugged life in Hollywood and not the comely career in modeling that would make Teri Polo the star she would later become. We have seen the ease with which models make the switch to acting. Polo made the first step to this effect when she appeared in “Loving” a soap opera that aired on ABC. It is not sure what role she played in this daytime program and some don’t even count “Loving” as her screen debut. They place their thumb on “TV 101” the CBS’ series on air between 1988 and 1989 in which she played the role of Amanda Hampton in 13 episodes.

While she has made a lot of appearances on TV, they were usually on small roles and countable episodes. Except in “I’m in Her” the ABC sitcom where she featured in 22 episodes, “Man Up” the ABC series where she played the role of Theresa Hayden Keen in ten episodes, and in the political drama “The West Wing” which has constantly been rated among the best TV series of all time. And we are not talking about Rotten Tomatoes and the likes, we are talking about Time Magazine, New York Daily News, Writers Guild of America and their likes.

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This series has received accolades including praises from even White House staffers and 26 Primetime Emmy Awards. The show ran for seven seasons of 156 episodes. Teri Polo played the role of Helen Santos in 18 episodes of the show between 2005 and 2006.

She was the star of “The Forsters” the family drama on ABC Family. The series was aired between 2013 and 2018 and Polo played the lead role of Stef Adams Foster in the five seasons of 104 episodes.

While Polo hasn’t been so hot on the film aspect, there is that little thing about “Little Fockers” that made 310 million dollars in the box office.

Teri Polo – husband and kid

Teri Polo has been married once. She got married to Anthony Moore the photographer (not to be confused with Anthony Moore the British experimental music composer and performer). Polo and Moore got married in April 1997. The marriage was blessed with a son in its fifth year anniversary, in 2002, when their son Griffin Moore was born. Three years after this, man and wife separated and divorced.

Ms. Polo never remarried but she wasn’t in want of male attention. And just one year after her marriage with Mr. Moore, she met a certain drummer on the set of one of her pictures. She began dating the man Jamie Wollam and in 2007 they bypassed marriage vows and moved in together. In the same year, the two were blessed with a baby girl they named Bayley.

The union broke up in 2012 and both parties went their different ways. There was no divorce as there was never a marriage. Perhaps this is one idea many in Hollywood who might have been burned by the brand of Justice divorce processes hand out will look at this with red, envious eyes.

There is no mention of any guy and Teri together romantically. In fact, there have been rumors that the Thespian is gay. This doesn’t ring any iota of truth. Being single or refusing to spread your relationship all over the place doesn’t make you gay. Teri’s last known relationship ended when she was 43. It is unlikely she hasn’t been involved with someone else since then. She might have just decided not to remain a subject of gossips in the net.

Is Teri Polo dead?

She is not. But she was once dead in the mind of some cracked heads who went online to post news about her death. In mid-August 2019, someone killed Teri in his mind then posted it via a Facebook page claiming that “At about 11 am ET on Wednesday (August 14, 2019), our beloved actress Teri Polo passed away.”

With nearly one million sympathizers liking the post and thousands of condolences posted on the comment box, the news crossed over to Twitter where her name trended for sometime before the star put a firm stop to it. She made a 16 seconds video which she posted on her @teripolo1 Twitter handle telling her over 136 thousand followers and many who were worried about the news that she was “excited to be here” to say she loves us.

In reality, many didn’t believe her dead rumors and there is nothing overly smart about this. Dozens of actors have been victimized by crazy dead hoaxes and the formula is to disbelief any dead news about any celebrity until a major network carries the story.

What is Teri Polo’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Teri Polo is worth around 800 thousand dollars. If this is to be believed and there is no rocket scientific evidence to disprove this, then it is really a poor return for a career of more than three decades and of more than 80 credits to her name. This sum is like ten thousand per credit which is painfully low.

But this is a generous sum considering that Polo filed for bankruptcy in 2014. If you consider this net worth to be from what she made after the bankruptcy filing, then it makes more sense.

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