Marisha Ray: Five Facts About The Star

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Marisha Ray

Depending on her acting form (and your mood, it counts), Marisha Ray can keep you glued to your sofa for hours as you watch in tears, or laughter or watching with painful disinterest. The actress has been around in the show business for a long time and here are five facts about her you should know.

1. Becoming an actress was a childhood dream for Marisha Ray

Marisha Ray was born on 10 May 1989 in the southern city of Louisville, Kentucky, to unknown parents. Not her parents are unknown in the missing sense of the word “unknown”, she chose to keep them away from media pages. But the one person she didn’t keep anonymous is her blood sister whom she grew up with, although she has never revealed her name.

Growing up was should have been fun for Marisha who developed an interest in the entertainment world especially in dancing (early on) and later acting. Following the good relationship she shares with her father, who supported her acting dreams, Marisha was shipped to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to sharpen her acting skills. After her time at the Dramatic Arts, Marisha enrolled at the Park University in Pittsburgh where she graduated in 2007.

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Although what she studied at Park University has not been revealed. Marisha moved to Los Angeles after her graduation to join the show business full time.

2. She is more than just an actress

Yes, acting is her calling but Marisha has explored other of her talents like writing. Marisha made her acting debut when she was 12 years of age even though it was mostly some sort of teenage plays done in shows, but it was a period of humble beginnings when actors make mistakes and adjust, setting their eyes on what’s ahead. The full acting gig was reactivated after university education when Marisha starred in her first projects “Whoreders” and “Night Out: Vampires”.

Marisha went ahead to appear in the anthology television series “1000 Ways to Die”. The actress was made so many TV series appearances as her acting career waxed stronger. In 2015, Marisha became part of the American web series “Critical Role”, this turned out to be the major voice acting role of her career.  She also voice-acted in the video game “Personal 4: Arena Ultimax”.

Aside from her acting credits, Marisha is also a good writer. She wrote the shows “Chaotic Awesome” and “Batgirl Fantasies” a superhero comic book which is the counterpart of the superhero Batman. And Marisha was also the part of various commercials in the past which include Little Caesars Pizza, The Hallmark Channel, The Buried Life, and Mega.

Currently, she is the host of the web series “Key Questions”.

3. Marisha Ray is happily married

No one knows for sure. Let’s say this is our prayers for her. But there is no denying husband and wife are enjoying their marriage, if not each other, and we say this because of the way they celebrate each other on social media, the success and happiness measuring tool of the digital age.

What is the name of Marisha Ray’s husband? Marisha ray is married to a voice actor named Matthew Mercer. The duo met on the set of the web series “Critical Role”. Matthew is from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida who has enjoyed a considerable success doing, doing so many voice-gigs in animated films and video games. They wedded in 2017, and they are yet to add a new member to the family. Why rush?

4. She is not broke

Marisha is having a flourishing career. She entered the show business in 2010 and if she participated in the viral #10yearchallenge on social media she might have noticed the huge impact the acting industry has made on her life. How rich is Marisha? Well, her account balance has not witnessed millions of dollars. Many internet sources put her net worth to be around 700 thousand dollars.

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But she’s just 30, there’s a ray of hope that her financial status will rise.

5. Marisha Ray is 1.68 meters tall

A modeling career wouldn’t have been bad if Marisha had wanted to follow that path, but acting is what she does best. Marisha is 1.68 meters tall. She weighs around 55 kg. Do you care for her bra size? Sorry, we don’t have that now and we are sure this is not one of the things that keep you awake at night.

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