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How does a Navy SEAL combatant look? Looking at Max Thieriot and his rather baby-face, he wouldn’t be your number one pick for a Navy SEAL poster boy. But he pulled it off on CBS SEAL Team. This is just one credit and one aspect of his act. Thieriot is also a director. The internet is not overflown with his directing credits. This does not negate the fact in its entirety whatever naysayers might think. How much more of Max do you know? How much more is there to be known?

Here are all the facts you need to know about Max Thieriot. We go.

How old is Max Thieriot?

Max Thieriot was born in October 1988. He was born Maximillion Drake Thieriot to George Cameron Thieriot (father) and Bridgit Ann (mother). The boy was born in Los Altos Hill in California and had his lower, middle and high school across small towns in the state – he once jokingly claimed “there’s like 400 people in my town”. There are three Thieriot siblings – A sister named Frances and a brother (meaning his family made up more than one percent of the town).

He has Jewish ancestry as his paternal great-great-grandfather D.H de Young was a Dutch Jewish immigrant who became a business tycoon who owned the San Fransisco Chronicle at his peak. Thieriot also has German, English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Northern Irish and French roots in him.

Max Thieriot is 31 years old as at the end of 2019.

Career – Dylan Massett in Bates Motel?

Max Thieriot began his career in 2004 in the film “Catch the Kid”. The title turned out to be prophetic as the boy was caught in the web of acting and a career in Hollywood. His next movie is “The Pacifier” a Walt Disney comedy action film starring Vin Diesel as a Navy SEAL (more like it). In 2009 he featured in “Chloe” the erotic action film by Atom Egoyan.

Max got recognition when he featured in “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery” for which he earned the Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Feature Film – Young Ensemble Cast with the other stars in 2009. Also part of the cast was the British actress Julia Ormund  and a certain Joan Cusack – we have something about her somewhere.

Max Thieriot played the role of Dylan Massett in “Bates Model” the psychological horror movie in A&E. He played the role of Dylan Masset, a troubled child in the Norman family who was born out of an incestuous affair forced upon his mother by her own brother.

This series came to an end in April 2017 after four years, after five seasons and 50 episodes of which Max appeared in 48 of them.

Max Thieriot’s is also a director with his only credit to this effect, so far, coming from one episode of “Bates Motel”.

Family – Does Max Thieriot have a brother?

Yes, Max Thieriot has a brother named Andrian. The follow-up question is usually “Is Max Thieriot related to Justin Thieriot?” There is no one in Hollywood with the name Justin Thieriot. The nearest relation of Max in entertainment is Michael Stutes who played baseball for Philipedia Phillies (I doubt any baseballer thinks of himself as an entertainer – but that is actually what they are, entertainers; they are not military men. Stutes was an average player by the way. He was released from his contract after two years in their payroll and became a free agent.

Michael is married to Max’s sister Frances. So, yes, Max has a brother (in-law).

Relationship – Who is Max Thieriot wife?

Max Thieriot got married to Alexis “Lexi” Murphy in 2013. Max and his partner who is now just known as Lexi Thieriot began dating in 2005 while still teenagers and by the time he asked her to marry him and the two became man and wife, he was twenty-four – which is one fine romantic age to get married.

The odds that anyone will be envious of the fact that in less than thirty Mr. and Mrs. Thieriot is happily married with kids. Everyone should be envious. But you can’t eat your cake and have it.

How much is Max Thieriot’s net worth?

Max Thieriot is not just an actor. He is equally a capitalist. Not the Jeff Besoz level of capitalism, no, Max is a small-town vintner who, among his two childhood friends, own a number of vineyards in Califoria and a wine label called Sense. This and his acting career are the things that put food on his table and data on his phone with which he frequently posts on Instagram.

Max Thieriot’s net worth is put at a decent two million dollars.

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