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Julia Ormond

Julia Ormond has shaken hands with Steven Spielberg, worked with Brad Pitt and Aidan Quinn, made Sean Connery and Richard Gere lust after her in “First Knight”. Not only that, she has had roles in several films and TV series. Despite all of her Hollywood success, Julia Ormond has her own personal battles. How much of the actress do you aside producers using her beauty to torment men in Hollywood –find out.

Julia Ormond: Early life and nationality

Julia Ormond was born and raised in Epsom, Surrey, England to parents John Ormond and Josephine Ormond on 4 January 1965. She is the second daughter out of five siblings. Her father was a stockbroker while her mother was a laboratory technician. Her parents divorced when she little and she moved in with her mum who raised her.

Julia attended Guildford High School, where she later proceeded to Cranleigh School. She later found out that she was the only child who has divorced parents and this made her feel slightly pigeonholed but was never enough to throw a wet blanket on her acting talent.

Julia Ormond is British. She has lived, she worked and even loved in America but her allegiance remains to the United Kingdom.

Julia Ormond’s career

After Julia Ormond graduated from Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, she partook in some stage plays. She went on to win the 1989 London Critics’ Award for Best Newcomer in Christopher Hampton’s Faith Hope and Charity at the age of 24 and she played Cathy in Wuthering Heights at the Crucible in Sheffield.

Her meeting with director Sydney Pollack had a huge impact on her career.

Julia Ormond starred as Caroline Lithgow in the miniseries “Traffik” in the year 1989. She quickly understood that acting was far more beneficial than earning a union card to join Theatre Company for paltry wages.

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Julia appeared in the TV series “Ruth Rendell Mysteries”, “Young Catherine”, and “Stalin”. In 1993, she made her major debut in the movie “The Baby of Mâcon”.

Her breakout role came when she starred the role of Susannah Fincannon in the movie “Legends of the Fall”. The movie shot Julia Ormond to fame and her name, pictures were everywhere. And when she starred in “Sabrina” it became clear that she did not climb the Hollywood food chain to become a vegetarian. Julia went also appeared in “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” (1997), and the “The Barber of Siberia “(1998).

She told the media then: “It’s happening very quickly, horribly quickly really,” “I don’t know that it’s such a good thing, actually. I think it could backfire quite badly.” And she spoke like someone who saw her own future following events that happened in her life shortly.

Although she did win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries for her role in the HBO film “Temple Grandin” (2010). She disappeared from acting for some time because of personal issues

In the year 2017, she appeared in the movie, “Rememory”, and TV series, “Incorporated”, “Tour de Pharmacy” and “Howards End”.

Julia Ormond: Net worth

Julia Ormond is a high profile name in the acting industry. She has earned a decent amount of money from the films she has featured in. Internet sources report that she earned around $300,000 in the movie Sabrina. Add that figure to numerous projects she has worked and you can guess her net worth.

But don’t worry, let’s save you from guessing. The actress has a net worth of $5 million dollars and she is still active in the industry which means this figure is expected to rise.

Julia Ormond’s daughter

Julia Ormond became a mother when she was 39. She admitted that getting pregnant was tough that she even thought it would never happen. Her daughter Sophie was born in the fall of 2004 with Jon Rubbin being the father.

Julia’s first marriage was with Rory Edwards. The duo met on the set of the theater show Wuthering Heights, Rory Edwards is an actor too. They got married on April 1989 and unfortunately, they got divorced in 1994.

While Jon Rubbin, a political activist made Julia experience the joys of motherhood, he only made her a wife for nine years before they divorced.

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Speaking with Dailymail in 2007, she says she wants to adopt a child, being a lover of kids but since she has not adopted any baby since then, it is safe to say she has given up on the idea.

Currently, Julia is engaged in fighting human trafficking and raising awareness about AIDS in Russia and Ukraine.

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