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Actors are actors but if there is ever a need to divide actors between TV and film actors, Kay Lenz is one actor who would be called a TV star on the one hand and a film star on the next. She began acting in 1972 and after scores of credits and approaching the half-century mark, this post is more or less a chronicle of her lifetime and career.

How much of the star do you know? How much is actually there to be known? There is a handful and here is all the information about her.

Kay Lenz – age and early life

Kay Lenz was born in March 1953. She was born in Los Angeles. She was born as Kay Ann Lenz, born into a home of people who work directly (and indirectly) in the entertainment world. Her mother was a radio engineer and a model while her father worked as a commentator and a producer. In fact, her first appearance onset was in her father’s production.

There is little info on her early life and education, a vacuum that is more than made of with by her later endeavors in life.

Kay Lenz is a centurion

Kay Lenz began acting when she was eight weeks old. She featured in one of her father’s production as a baby in a cradle who was held and sung to. Of course, she wasn’t credited for it but this was where she caught the cliched actor’s bug. Her first official act can be traced to 1972 in some obscured TV film on ABC.

While Kay was more of a television, it wasn’t all main roles and tens of episodes in all of them. In fact, she mostly played one- and two-episodic roles. But when she had extended roles, she killed them. In 1988, she became part of the “Midnight Caller”. The series revolved around an ex-cop who becomes a radio talk show host and play detective for them, solving their problems. Tina played the role of Tina Cassidy a girl who was deliberately infected with HIV by a sadistic gay man out to hurt straight women.

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The episode was controversial and was heavily denounced by AIDS groups who even tried to interfere with the airing of the show. The reviews were mixed and harsh, but at the end of all these, it was a great show and Kay was honored with an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

Lenz was on ABC’s the police drama “Reasonable Doubts”. She played the flinty lawyer Maggie Zombro in a recurring role in season one then as part of the main cast in season two. The series wasn’t renewed for a third season but these two were enough to boost Lenz’s resume and she was rewarded with an Emmy nomination.

Her last major role on TV was in 1994 when she appeared in “The Tick” the animated drama on Fox Kids. She voiced her character in this show for 21 episodes.

Relationship and marriage

Kay Lenz and men didn’t quite seem to get along romantically but this has not always been so. She did marry. She got married to David Cassidy in 1977.  He was an actor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist she met on set. The marriage ended in divorce in 1983. Kay Lenz never remarried.

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Her ex-husband, on the contrary, remarried two times and divorced on both occasions. He went broke and filed for bankruptcy at a point in his life then got involved in many police charges which include DUIs, using expired tags, driving in the wrong lane, etc. There were also battles with alcoholism. He passed away in November 2017 of liver and kidney failures.

Today, it is fair to say that today that the star is married to her charitable causes, chief of which is Sea Save Foundation.

Net worth and body stats

There is a standing rule, unwritten but there all right, banning mentions about the body of actors in their forties and Kay Lenz is sixty years old. While staying away from her bra size and all that stuff, we can authoritatively report that the actress is 1.54 meters or just above 5 feet zero inches which is a pretty low height for a Hollywood star.

Kay Lenz is worth three million dollars and there is nothing low about this.

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