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Matteo Martari

Matteo Martari is an Italian actor and former model who is best known for Medici (2016-2017), Quarto meta, and Godard Mon Amour (2017). The actor was born in Verona, Italy on 12 December 1983.

He initially started as a model. He regularly graced the pages of magazines like GQ Italia and Esquire España. The Italian actor also starred in campaigns for brands such as Diesel and H&M. According to Little Miss Sunshine on August 11, 2010, Male Fashion Models, Matteo was discovered to be fit for modeling by David Brown, an owner of D’Management while he worked as a cook in a restaurant that David frequently visited. He later took him to the agency, showed him the men’s bookers and he started working.

However, his journey as an actor began in 2015 when he made his debut in the cinema with a part in the comedy “The Complexity of Happiness,” directed by Gianni Zanasi.

Further, he played one of the lead roles in the Italian crime drama Thou Shalt Not Kill as Andrea Russo alongside Miriam Leone, Thomas Trabacchi, Luca Terracciano and numerous others. The story revolves around Detective Valerie Ferro who investigates crimes out of jealousy and repressed anger to seek the truth and justice. The series was created by Claudia Corbucci and was originally released on 11 September 2015  in the Italian language.

In the 2015 short film Modalità arbitraria, Matteo plays the role of Captain Enne2 who is wanted with a bounty on his head. He hides at Lorena’s place and there he finds himself thinking about his past and love life.

Matteo also starred in 2night (2016), a film about the meeting between two young strangers which sparks an unforgettable evening in this romantic drama. Looking to get away from the nightclub where they’ve met, Lei and Lui begin a conversation that changed their plans and lives altogether. He played the role of Lui alongside Matilde Gioli as Lei. The film was directed by Ivan Silvestrini.

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In the historical drama series Medici (2016-2019), a political family drama series set in Florence in the early fifteenth century, Matteo portrays the role of Francesco along with Daniel Sherman, Alessandra Mastronadi, Synnove Karlsen, and a list of other actors. The series was created by Nicholas Meyer and Frank Spotnitz and ran for 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes.

The series won the 2016 Capri TV series award for best makeup in fiction, the best production design in fiction, and others, even a series of nominations.

In 2017, he portrayed the role of Marco in Godard Mon Amour as Marco alongside Louis Garrel, Stacy Matin, Berenice Bejo among others. The story is about a film director who falls in love with a nineteen-year-old actress and later marries her.

In the 2020 movie Bella da Morire, Eva a bold police inspector returns to the village where she grew up to stay with her sister and single mother only to cross paths with the aspiring showgirl Gioia whose dead body was found lying dead at the bottom of the lake, she is forced to uncover the mystery behind the death. Matteo portrayed the role of Marco Corvi alongside Cristiana Capotondi, Gigio, Gulea Arena among others. The movie was originally released on 15 March 2020 in the Italian language.

Also, In the 2020 TV mini-series L’Alligatore, Matteo plays the role of Marco Buratti also known as the Alligator who happened to be a former blues singer who got sentenced to seven years imprisonment unjustly, he lost his voice behind bars but developed the proper knowledge and tactics of being a good investigator.

His other notable roles include Under the Series (2014) as Francesco, Hundred To Go (2016) as X1-X2, I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2018) as Burffardi, In Passo dal Cielo (2019) as Albert Kreoss, The Goddess of Fortune (2019) as Stefano and a list of others.

Matteo’s Relationship life and other facts

The actor could be possibly single, given that there is no information as to who he is currently dating or if he’s married. But, previously, the actor was in a relationship with a Catania actress, Miriam Leone who also happened to be the 2008 Miss Italia.

He stands at the tall height of 6feet. His hobbies include making Italian dishes, playing darbuka and sky diving.

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