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Finding and following one’s passion at a tender age is a feat not a lot of people are able to achieve. Georgina Leahy started performing at the age of five, mainly in the theater before she moved into TV and film. At the age of five, it is natural for a lot of kids to get indecisive and confused about whether they’d want to be a Princess, Superman or any of their favourite Disney characters. But this British actress was already in the vehicle leading her down her path – subconsciously maybe, she was at it.

Georgina Leahy is a British actress, singer and supermodel born in England on November 12, 1987, who is best known for her work on Blame the Hero (2019), News Uncovered (2018) and competing in the fifth edition of Britain’s Got Talent (2011).

Georgina Leahy: Career – from the start

Georgie made her debut in 2008 in the role of Rebecca Nion in the British TV series Sofia’s Diary. She also appeared in Treasure King and the short film Party Girl as Carla.

She is also a comedian and has appeared in numerous viral comedy videos, acted with some idols including Kevin Hart and Terence Howard and performed in immersive theater productions created by Darren Bousman and Clint Sears.

For the actress, it hasn’t been all rosy. After Sofia’s Diary got cancelled after the third season, she had to work in a circus which led to her learning many circus skills including trapeze, stilts, fire breathing/eating, body burning and angle grinding. She also became their resident Crazy Snake Lady after they got her a pet python.

In 2011, after going on Britain’s Got Talent as a member of the extreme stunt girl group GirlsRoc, she travelled around the world as a circus freak and also working as a backup singer and support act for Adam Ants.

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In an interview with VoyageLA on April 3, 2018, when asked how has it been going for her and what some of the struggles along her way were, she said: “If you think of everything that can happen to a woman in Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams. It has happened to me and worse. But I am a positive human that’s a survivor and I haven’t let this city crush me, yet haha. It’s been an interesting journey and will make a great book one day!!!”

Her filmography includes the following: Sofia’s Diary UK (2008-09) 5 episodes, Winter’s Secret (2009), Get Ca$h (2011), Britain’s Got Talent 2011) 3 episodes, Demons and Doors (2012), Next Stop for Charlie (2012) 1 episode, Roberto (2013) and many more.

Georgina Leahy: Personal Details – Relationship, Family and other facts

Like most celebrities, Georgina Leahy tries to keep her personal and love life private. However, In 2018 Mark Salling Georgie’s ex-boyfriend took his own life. After the second anniversary of his death, she later opened up in an episode of Georgie and Friends; a podcast she hosts in which she ‘catches up with some of the magical people who have touched her life, about the impact it had on her, explaining how complicated it was for her.

At the time of Mark’s death, the couple had been split for almost two years, shortly after he was accused of possession of child pornography – later pleading guilty in October 2017, and six weeks prior to his sentencing, he hung himself on January 30, 2018.

Asides from our knowledge of her father’s name being Eltham John, there’s no information about her mother or sibling(s).

On the other hand, She has two ‘LA moms’ who helped her survive living in Los Angeles and they’re; Tanya Wolf Ragir and Shelli Dodell to whom she expresses sincere gratitude for teaching her to speak up and not bottle it all in.

Georgina Leahy stands an average height of 5’6 (1.68m) and weighs 62kg approximately 136.69lbs.

Image source: Hollywood Fringe Festival