Who Is Cade Owens?

Cade Owens

Cade Owens is, in many ways, exactly what you think of when someone says “child actor. From a child actor, he has since metamorphosed into an adult actor. He became famous after he featured in the Crime series called “Criminal Minds” (2015) where his team was responsible for catching the bad guys and bringing them to justice. Here is everything you need to know about him.

Who is Cade Owens?

There is no much information given about Cade Owens. For someone who is a Hollywood actor and has been in the scene right from a tender age, what is known about him is just but a handful. A speck of this, and a dash of that. Cade Owens was ushered into this world on the 1st of January, 2000. Yeah, he was a New Year’s baby. He was born in the United States but the place of birth is not available.

Other information about his family, like the name of his father or who he is, is something that is not made known to the public. Only his mother’s name is known. Her name is Erica. The only piece of information available on his educational background is that he attended NORCO College. What he studied was not mentioned.
Since he is an actor, we can surmise that he studied something in that line or maybe something unrelated to that field.

When Did His Career Start?

Over the years we’ve seen some child actors in Hollywood that have emerged as superstars as adults. From being tiny buds, they’ve blossomed into beautiful flowers.
Just like Drew Barrymore, who started her acting career at the tender age of six. We’ve seen how she started and how far she’s come in the industry before starting her show called “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

Daniel Radcliffe was only eleven when he featured in the Harry Potter series. Is Cade Owens in this league cause he started as a toddler too? We would hope so.

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Cade Owens’s career started very early, given the fact that he started as a child. He’s been in the business since 2007, that’s a long time for sure.
His claim to fame began when he played a role in the movie titled “Most Likely To Succeed” in 2010 as Caleb, but most people know him for his role in Grey’s Anatomy (2011) as Nathan Englander and Criminal Minds as Jack Hotchner (2007) where he was an FBI agent. Their duties were to profile a criminal with the evidence they have on him or her to know how they think, what their next course of action would be, and then track them down, bring them to book, and let justice take its full course on them.

Other films to his credit are; Navy CIS: LA (2011) where he portrayed the character called Mark Basser. He only featured in one episode as a guest in the series.
“Welcome to the Riley’s” (2010) and Blue-Eyed Butcher (2012) as Andrew. The movie is directed by Stephen Kay. It is a crime thriller about a young woman called Susan, who was living her life like it is golden until tragedy struck when her husband, Jeff was killed in a gruesome manner. Her perfect world came crumbling down then.

Is He Married?

There are no records anywhere pointing to the fact that Cade Owens is in a relationship or has been in a relationship. This simply means that he is single. So, no, he is not yet married to anyone at the moment.

What Is his Net worth?

Cade Owens’s net worth is summed up at a figure of 4 million Dollars.. He is someone whose profile will leave you curious. Like why is so much information about his life not made known to the public? Does he have something to hide or he just loves his life to be as private as it can be?
We would love to know what makes him tick, what he does for fun, and what things he is passionate about but with the little we know so far, we can not help but wonder.

Perhaps, in due time, he would set the record straight by filling in the blanks and letting us into his world. Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how it pans out.

Image source: Criminal Minds Wiki