Phoebe Price- Where She Was born, Career, 2 Other Facts

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Phoebe Price

Phoebe Price an American actress, costume designer, and supermodel was born in Jasper Alabama, USA as Phoebe Denise Price on September 27, 1972. She is best known for playing Carly in the 2013 thriller Broken Blood.

Beginning of her career

Growing up as a child, Phoebe had a passion for modeling and acting and at the age of nineteen, she bought her first corporations in entertainment and fashion. She later became an international actress and model in Capetown, South Africa Athens, Greece, and Milan, Italy. She attended Walker High School in Jasper, Alabama, and had her university education at The University UT.

She left Milan for Los Angeles in order to further her acting career and is said to have also studied with the best coaches to enable her to master her act and perfect the skill as well.

Movies and TV shows

In 2003, Phoebe played the role of Fecilia in Wilder Days, a film about a runaway girl who is kidnapped by psycho thugs from a dangerous L.A neighborhood while in search of her homeless boyfriend. Her police detective mother fights to rescue her from the hands of the cruel sex traffickers. The film was directed by KC Amos and Dale Stelly.

As of 2007, Phoebe was practicing the art of being popular for nothing in particular. According to CALLED ON THE CARPET By Leslie Gornstein on May 29, 2007, Phoebe was said to always show up at an event, work the red carpet, linger with the photographers, then head into the premiere slash boutique slash fundraiser.

In 2013, she plays the role of Carly in the popularized thriller Broken Blood; a story about family ties and bonds that go far deeper than blood, alongside Derek Wayne James – who doubles as the director, Dana Daurey and Robert Miano.

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In the Don Frank directed 2020 thriller ‘Get off The App‘; a film about a dangerous but deceitful app in which every time a person uses it, they get paid more and more not knowing that as they use it, their chances of dying increases as well. she plays the role of Hailey.

Phoebe also appeared in an episode of The X-Files as an extra named Marie, according to The Huffington Post. She has appeared in a number of low-budget films such as A Motor Lodge Rub, The Victim, In My Sleep, Stanley DeBrock, Get Smart, and The Junkyard Willie Movie: Lost in Transit. She is trying extremely hard to make a name for herself as an actress.

She also appeared ‘Botched’ an American reality television series that premiered on E! on June 24, 2014, with actress and friend Angelique Morgan also known as Frenchy. The series follows two doctors, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, as they take on cases of plastic surgeries gone wrong. Phoebe was on the show with her friend and former patient, Frenchy. While discussing Price’s case, the doctors said that she has a nostril retraction from an aggressive nose job. During her consultation, Price told the doctors that she has a dent in her nose and explained that she has paparazzi following her around, so haters comment that one of her nostrils is bigger than the other.  The series has a total of seven seasons.

Phoebe’s Personal Details – Family and relationships

Phoebe was born to Flora Mae Vines Price and Henry Arnold Price. Her father was a car dealer and her mom Flora happens to be her manager, agent, publicist and social secretary. There is no record of her having any sibling(s).

Currently, the actress is in a relationship with Ojani Noa (Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband). The couple started dating in 2013 and have been together since then.

Phoebe Price’s boyfriend, Ojani Noa was born on June 11, 1974, in Cuba. He is currently 47 years old and is best known for being a TV Actor.

She also dated an Italian hip-hop artist named Alessandro Aleotti, also known as J. Ax. “He is, like, the Tom Cruise of Italy,” Price insists. “People would literally drive us off the road.”

Other Facts

Besides acting, Phoebe spends her time working with charities and is the spokeswoman for Battered Women. Additionally, She is also a designer of Hats and Headbands found in leading boutiques in Beverly Hills and California.

She stands an average height of 5’7 approximately 1.7m and weighs about 121 lbs (54.9 kg).

She’s endowed with beautiful red hair and brown-light eyes.

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