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You might not have been born when Lyle Waggoner rocked The Carol Burnett Show in the sixties and seventies. Today, scores of acting credits to his name, retired and reclining somewhere, reading the papers and wondering what the heck is happening in the White House, here are all the things you need to know about the star.

How old is Lyle Waggoner?

Have you seen Lyle Waggoner of recently? His head is gray with age. He has the look of some American statesman. He was born in Kansas City, Kansas State to Marie and Myron Waggoner. He grew up in the neighboring state of Missouri where he attended the Kirkwood High School, a school. This is the same school where the Vietnamese-American actor and director Dustin Nguyen attended.

Other educational endeavors of his include Washington University in St. Louis and General Motors Institute of Technology. Before becoming an actor, he had a two-year stint in the United States Army in West Germany.

Lyle Waggoner is 84 years old. By April 2020, he will be 85 years old.

Career and movies

Lyle Waggoner began his career in 1966, featuring as a deputy in some obscure movie called “Swamp Country”. In all, he appeared in 14 movies. Movies are not his best playing ground. The TV is. Waggoner featured in more than sixty television drama series and shows. His finest hours came in the Carol Burnett Show. Carol Burnett is sort of a legend in Hollywood. So after he put in years, he was given his own show so from 1967 to 1978, he alongside Waggoner and two or three other comedians made great varieties of shows. Waggoner made nearly 200 appearances in this show.

Between 1976 and 1979, he was part of DC Comics “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman” playing the role of Colonel Trevor a trusted ally of the wonder woman. He played this role for 59 episodes. This is the longest he worked on any drama. An absolute majority of the rest of his appearances were singular episodic.

Family: Is Lyle Waggoner still alive?

Lyle Waggoner is married to Sharon Kennedy. She is has worked as an actress and had dealings in the real estate and in financials. The couple got married in 1966 and have remained married till date. Hollywood must be the headquarters of divorces but our dear statesman has kept his stead intact.

The couple is blessed with two kids who were

Lyle Waggoner is very much alive. He lives with his wife Sharon Kennedy in the city of Jackson, Wyoming. And to keep body and soul active, he does the art of sculptures and displays his designs in famed galleries across the state.

Lyle Waggoner: Net worth

Lyle Waggoner is not your regular retired actor whom you see loitering around Hollywood theaters and clubs looking for someone to pinch for a fiver to buy scotch. On the contrary, Waggoner is one of the few people who came, saw and lived their American dream on screen. Waggoner retired in 2005 and has a net worth of ten million dollars to show for all his efforts as of 2018.

Besides his Wyoming home, this old Thespian owns properties in California and Mexico. A benign capitalist, this one.

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