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Jonathan Ke Quan

If by a stroke of magic you can recall “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and “The Goonies”, all 1980s movies, then you know Jonathan Ke Quan too well. He is an American with Vietnamese and Chinese heritage. Here are facts about him, his family, his career and all.

Jonathan Ke Quan: Birth and early days

Jonathan Ke Quan was born in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam in 1971. What comes to your mind when you think of Vietnam in that period? If you guessed war, we are afraid you are right. When his city fell to the Viet Cong (PAVN) in 1975, he had to flee. Luckily for little Quan, his family was granted asylum in the United States of America.

Jonathan landed in California where he had his elementary, high school education and university education (at University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts). He must have loved books and studying for he left the States to the United Kingdom where he studied at the Unversity of Manchester, England.

Jonathan Ke Quan’s career

Jonathan Ke Quan’s career began when he was aged 12. The filmmakers (Steven Spielberg and co) needed an Asian boy to play the role of Chinese sidekick to the hero the adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford.

They picked on Jonathan. That wasn’t all. He had to learn taekwondo. He did and went on to feature in a movie that made 333.1 million dollars in 1984. Jonathan won the Young Artist Award for his efforts.

In the following year, Jonathan Ke Quan featured in “The Goonies” another Steven Spielberg movie. Jonathan played the role of Richard “Data” Wang, one of the Goonies, a group of Oregon boys who were determined to save their parents’ home from closure and stumbled on a map which about a hidden treasure from the 17th century. This took the gang in a dangerous adventure laced with humor.

In the next fifteen years, Jonathan Ke Quan who is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Japanese, alternated between Taiwanese, Japanese, Hong Kong, and American movies. He has appeared in a handful of television shows including “Together We Stand” (1986) and “Head of the Class” (1916).

More on his career

While his movie appearances were not countless, he has worked behind the scene as a stunt coordinator and choreographer including for Jet Li’s “The One” and Mavin Comics superhero film X-boy.

And it is not only on the screen that Jonathan Ke Quan wanted to make a living. He tried his hands on music, even going as far as traveling to and living in Australia for the sake of his musical pursuits. How successful was this venture? you ask. Have you ever heard a Jonathan Quan song? Then why are you asking?

Jonathan Ke Quan’s personal life and family

Some celebrities in Hollywood keep their family under wraps. Jonathan goes as far as to hide the wraps under a rock. We knew he came here as an asylum taker with his family. How many are they in the family, we know not. The only thing we know of any of his family members is that he was told by his mother never to swear on set to which he once spelled SHIT rather than say it on the screen.

Jonathan is married to Corrina Ke Quan. We know not when, nor if and how many kids they have. We are lucky to just have her name. The couple in Alhambra, California which happens to be the place where the star spent his childhood.

We also have a clue as to his net worth. MarriedBiography put his net worth at around one million dollars. This is a rather huge sum for a player who made his name before any you were born even if you are thirty years old today. The net worth might not be this high and might even be worth 10 million dollars. No one knows how much he made in his musical sojourn, remember.

Jonathan Ke Quan is 5 feet 4 inches tall, full six inches shorter than the average male actor in Hollywood and one inch shorter than the average female star. But Jonathan Ke Quan stands taller than most of his peers in the aspect of keeping his nose clean and his name away from controversies.

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