Ally Ioannides: Five Facts About The Rising Star

Ally Ioannides

Ally Ioannides was born in 1998, began her career in 2009 and in this time, so far, she has made more than twenty acting appearances in films, on TV, on the web, and on stage. Here are all the important facts you need to know about the star from NBC family drama Parenthood.

Ally Ioannides was born in Atlanta

It was just like yesterday when Atlanta hosted the United States’ last Olympics. Less than two years after this, in 1998, Ally Ioannides was born. But Ally didn’t grow up in the state of Georgia otherwise she might not have become an actress. She grew up in Park City, Utah, where she featured in stage musicals in theaters and also in the neighboring Salt Lake City.

The stage was her beginning and she did so well that she was qualified to play in the bigger picture stage at the age of ten. By fourteen, she moved to Los Angeles and the rest is written below.

Ally Ioannides loves to ski

When Ally is not acting or modeling, she goes skiing. And when she is not skiing, she is dancing or writing.

It is just a matter of time before we see the fruit of her leisured activities especially the writing aspect. rarely are contented with doing just acting and as Ms. Ionnides has already shown her versatility in acting, she is bound to break more grounds in the industry.

Actress, screenwriter, director, and producer. Sounds like a decent introduction for Ally in 2032.

The star has one sister

Ally Ioannides’ family is not well-documented. And this is not because she is relatively new in the industry, nor because she is not yet a big star. Some stars are wired like that. They just refuse to talk about their past and family. And if you are not Rihanna, no one has time to dig.

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It is not totally absent, her family ties as we know her mother is named Christine Ioannides and that she has a sister named Katerina Ioannides. What her mother does and what her sister looks like are likely to remain a mystery for a long time to come.

She was a teenage assassin

Ally Ioannides was once an assassin in the series “Into The Badlands” which premiered in 2015 on AMC and ran for three seasons till 2019. Ally was named Tilda in the show that dealt with war, ruins, banditry in a feudal age where martial arts reigned.

To act this show Ally and her co-main cast members had to undergo seven weeks of training in martial arts. If you have seen “In The Badlands” you would swear that they came out of the training camp experts. No, they only learned the basics and film tricks did the rest.

Ally Ioannides’ surname is pronounced en-w-an-nee-dees

Ally’s surname Ioannides also spelled Ioannidis, is a Greek name. Greek names do not lay down and part their legs for easy pronunciations. Try pronouncing Papastathopoulos, Fragogiannis, Anastopoulos, Skourtopoulos, and Panathinaikos. You see how easy these rolled out on your tongue. In case Ioannides didn’t go so easily nor the spelling didn’t help so much, look at this video.

Image source: TV Guide

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