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IK Ogbonna

If you throw in talent, humor, drama and of course good looks into a celebrity bowl, there, you will have Ikechukwu Mitchell Ogbonna popularly known as IK Ogbonna. IK turned his passion into a full-time hustle and has become a popular face in many Nollywood films. He is also regarded as Prince of Fashion and a full-time model, for Ik, the celebrity lifestyle is his walkway. How much do you know of him, including his failed marriage to Sonia Morales? Here’s everything you need to know.

IK Ogbonna: Age and bio

IK Ogbonna was born in Abia State on January 11 1984. He is a second child in a family of four. His parents relocated to Lagos where he completed his primary and secondary school education. While in secondary, he picked interest in the arts and even received accolades for winning Milo Awards for Fine Arts. After his graduation from Secondary school, IK gained admission to study Sociology at the University of Jos. It was while in Jos that he began to prepare himself for a modeling career, something that would later be as a ladder to climb onto the world of entertainment for him.

He attended many auditions before he landed his breakthrough role in 2013 in the film “Lovelorn” directed by Rukky Sandra. IK is 36 years old.

IK Ogbonna: Career

IK’s first taste of the show business was his modeling gigs before he passed the audition of the first edition of Amstel Malta Box Office television show in 2005. However, he was still unsure whether to pursue a career as an actor seeing that he is a chronic stammer who had to stamp his foot on the ground in order to make coherent speeches. But all this wasn’t a turn off for actor and producer Ruddy Sandra who met him at the club and offered him his debut role in the romantic film “Lovelorn”. In an interview with Punch, IK described his performance in his debut movie as not being good enough but he was determined to give all it takes to become the kind of actor who would be the delight of the fans. His friend Elvis Chuks also played a big role in his career growth

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While other roles came his way, IK did not completely abandon his modeling career. He has modeled for Globacom, Orange Drugs and two international brands he would not say. Due to the demands of the modeling gigs, IK decided to pay more attention to Nollywood. He starred in the movie “Playing Safe” alongside Tonto Dikeh and Ini Edo. He also appeared as a lead character in the movie “Stolen Tomorrow”. As he grew in the industry, his friendship base expanded to include Alexx Ekubo, Nadia Buari and of course Ini Edo.

IK has appeared in films like “Beach 24”, “A Wish”, “The Devil Lives Here” “30 days in Atlanta” and the 2018 film “Lagos Real Fake Life” where he played the role of US deportee who fell in love with a lady who lives a fake life. The film was directed by Mike Ozuruonye. IK has aged in the industry and has now added the title of a director, TV personality, media influencer to his name.

Lovechild, Marriage with Sonia Morales

IK Ogbonna has a lovechild named Makaelah who he regards as the love of his life. In 2019, IK Ogbonna posted the picture of her daughter to celebrate her 7th year birthday, however, his baby mama Sonia Columbus attacked him in the comment box, calling him a deadbeat dad and a bisexual gigolo. The latter raised questions about his sexuality but the answers emerged, IK Ogbonna is not gay as he has dated Juliet Ibrahim. In fact, he is a ladies man. Firing back, IK posted an image that says “There are men who want to be a good father and there are women who won’t let them. One day we will all smile” a message to her daughter.

IK met another Sonia, this time with the surname Morales, a Columbian top model.  They got married on June 29, 2015, at a courthouse in Belgrade, Serbia. The marriage was heaven on earth for them at first before the rumors started flying around that Sonia Morales wants a divorce. Some people believed that Ms Morales discovery that IK has a lovechild must have been the major issue but we choose to disagree because IK being a celebrity must-have presented this to her even before proposing to her. Also, IK’s lovechild is a piece of public knowledge information. Sonia Morales marriage with IK produced a son named Ace but still, the marriage storm stayed and became more than whispers.

All Oge Okoye Facts

On August 8, 2019, Sonia Morales announced on her Instagram page her marriage with IK has ended. She also thanked her for all the years they were together and admitted that their son Ace would always remind him of the times they shared together.  IK is currently single and since it has never worked with of the Sonias’, we doubt if he would settle for any lady whose names starts with S in the future.

Net worth, Height, Tattoos, Other Facts

It’s hard to state how much IK Ogbonna is worth. The salary of his first movie gig was 50,000 Naira but that was in 2013. He once mentioned that actors like him most times turn down jobs of 2 million Naira because they want to spend some time with their family. We don’t know if he has turned down such offer before or he just said this to boost his acting CV. The actor might have 99 problems but being broke ain’t one. He stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches.

IK is also a lover of tattoos. He has Psalms 1v21 on his body. He has another tattoo of Jesus Christ. During the pandemic, he was called out by Canadian rapper and singer Tory Lanez after he kept posting emojis of the Nigeria flag during the rappers quarantine radio on Instagram. ”Special announcement, maybe the most special announcement all day, IK Ogbonna please stop posting the same f**king flag,” the rapper said. Many Nigerians echoed the opinion of the rapper. IK in his defense, revealed that he posted those flags to taunt those who were offended by it. But it seems people who are offended are the ones who don’t fancy his recent male wig that replaced his bald hair.

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