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Ini Edo

Ini Edo was born on April 23, 1982, in Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria. She is an Ibibio from Onna, in oil-rich Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria, from a modest family among one brother and two sisters. She has a diploma from the University of Uyo (Theatre Arts) and a degree from the University of Calabar (English). She has featured in more than a hundred movies, acting the lead role in more than one of them. Ini Edo is beautiful, she was married, she has a successful career, plus numerous moments of controversies. Some of the facts about her are sometimes muddled up and mostly unknown. Here, we bring some of the lesser-known facts about the superstar like “Thick Madam” is not her first movie.

Against popular belief making rounds in the media, “Thick Madam” is not the first movie Ini Edo featured in. “Thick Madam” might be her first major act, but it is not the first. Passing the movie as her first is an obvious contradiction surprisingly lost to many sites. Ini Edo began her acting career in 2000 after a purported producer discovered her talent and featured her in his movie, three solid years before “Thick Madam”.

She’s happily divorced

Ini Edo divorced her husband, Philip Ehiagwina, in 2014 after six years of marriage that was full of whispers, rumors, and drama. The marriage had both sides accusing the other of extramarital affairs. For her ex-husband, domestic abuse was part of the unflattering list of his indiscretions. Perhaps, this defines the reason behind Edo’s obvious relief at being separated. She told Channels TV that she had no regrets about ending her marriage.

While one cannot, in all honesty, refer to this insertion as a declaration of elation, her comments, however, leave rooms for such interpretation.

Ini Edo had a narrow escape from that collapsed church in Uyo

In December 2016, a popular church, the Reigners Bible Church collapsed in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, South-South Nigeria, killing worshippers whose figure is put from 27 to over 200. One of the people billed to be at the event which happened to be the coronation of its bishop Akan Weeks is the actress Ini Edo. She missed the event and that saved her life.

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Ini Edo took to Instagram to announce how she had been at the frustrating end of canceled flights. Unable to fly directly to Uyo, she took a flight to Calabar than continued her journey by road. The journey which usually takes two hours took seven that day due to inexplicable traffic. She wrote:

“Whilst in the car, I started wondering why all my efforts to be at the service was being thwarted… then I got a call, that the entire church building had collapsed during the course of the service.” Then she understood and became gushes with gratitude.

Ini Edo has had issues with pregnancies

In 2014, a certain Desmond Elliot Facebook account raised dust when it called for prayers for Ini Edo, writing that: “Many of us have laughed at her, insulted her, judged her without knowing the pains she goes through indoors.” Although Desmond Elliot immediately denied writing the post, the post went viral with more than 100 thousand comments on the post.

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This post is symbolic of the six years of Ini Edo’s marriage. In the cause of her marriage, rumors had surfaced in more than a handful of occasions that the damsel was pregnant. None of these purported pregnancies came to fruition, apparently ending in miscarriages. In all, Ini Edo is said to have suffered three miscarriages. Her inability to successfully complete her fertility journeys is said to have caused rancours between her and her husband’s people whom Ini Edo herself admitted were interfering in their last born child’s marriage.

Whatever the veracity of miscarriage rumors, Ini Edo had said that one of the reasons she got married early was to start a family. If she didn’t give birth in six years of marriage then it is only normal to suggest all wasn’t well with her in the aspect of fertility.

What is Ini Edo up to now?

Well, nothing much to be said on the romantic side. She is keeping a low profile, just making movies and staying out of trouble. Or so you wish. In January 2019, eagle-eyed Instagram users noticed her hourglass look on one of her images and attributed it to surgery, saying that she recently went under the knife. And no, we are not going to take the words of internet trolls for something this sensitive. So we asked Ini (or someone did but the point is that she made a comment on it), “People will speculate all they want and it’s just life. I think I just grew into paying more attention to myself as a woman. Anyone who knows me from way back knows that I’ve always had a ‘full package’ and if I’ve done something like that, there wouldn’t be a rumor because you’d see it.”

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Ini Edo hasn’t been prominent on the screen these days. Her last popular movie was the ensembled film “Chief Daddy”, with high-quality visual and great costume but zero plot. As to why she hasn’t been so active on the screen, she said: “I’m not actively acting, not just as active like I used to be because there is a lot of other things I’m trying to tie my hands on and trying to re-focus as a person.” On whether she would be seen behind the camera soon as a director or producer or both, she said not yet. We have no clue as to what she is doing to refocus.

Image source: The Guardian Nigeria

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