Glori-Anne Gilbert: Three Fast Facts We Know

Glori-Anne Gilbert

Glori-Anne Gilbert is an adult and B grade movie actress. She was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, United States of America on June 12, 1969, and is well known for Subzero, Lust Connection, Komodo vs Cobra, Curse of the Komodo, and a long list of movies in her wake.

Glori-Anna Gilbert: Career

In the 2004 movie Curse of the Komodo, she played the role of Rebecca alongside Tim Abell, Melissa Braselle, J.P Davis, Gail Harris, and Paul Logan.

The movie told the story of a scientist, Jack, who had mutated species of Komodo dragons under his care, returning to the site only to find these creations of his experiments going wild along the Amazon.

The science fiction was directed by Jim Wynorski and written by Steve Satshaw. In 2005, she played the role of Nikki in the suspense, action, and adventure-filled movie Subzero.

The storyline is about a group of courageous mountain climbers who chose to risk their lives to take on an adventure. They journeyed to the alpine desolate land in search of a stolen weaponized high technology before it fell into the wrong hands.

The movie was directed by Jim Wynorski. In 2005, she portrayed one of the characters in the Jim Wynorski-directed movie.

The plot revolves around mercenaries fighting tooth and nail to ensure the safe return of a billionaire’s daughter who was kidnapped by terrorists. She played the role of Erica, a member of the cabin crew.

Again in 2005, she was the lead character in Lust Connection. The movie revolves around a promiscuous doctor who enjoyed meeting and romancing women on the internet. Eventually, his wife’s dead body was found in the bathtub leaving him a prime suspect.

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Glori-Anne portrays a dual role as the victim and her alluring twin who took the opportunity to get steamy and hot with the widower even before her sister’s body gets cold.

She played the role of Susan and Jenny alongside a company of beautiful costars Chasey Lain, Jodie Moore, Julie K. Smith, and Monique Parent. The romance suspense lasted 1 hour 17 minutes under the direction of H. R. Burberry.

Glori-Anna Gilbert: Fast Facts

In 2007, Glori-Anne made a number of organized horror movies. However, the movies were direct DVD releases as Morella, Ghost Hostess with the Mostest, the title released between 2007 to 2013.

Additionally, as a result of the low funding for the movies, she doubled and tripled as a makeup artist, and production assistant, helping with the lighting and grip.

She’s recognized by more than just one name. Asides Glori-Anne Gilbert, she works under a number of names including Glori Ann Gilbert, Gloria Lynn Bert, and Gloria Anne.

In her youthful years, she was a lot of things. The actress was an “A” grade student, a model, and a beauty pageant contestant while being her Church’s youth leader, all at the same time.

Additional Facts

To purchase her first car, she started her own bikini lawn mowing service.

From the money earned from rendering her services, she was able to save up for her first car.

The actress works as a nude model and exotic dancer.

For a 53-year-old, Glori-Anne has tried her hands on a lot of things all in the bid to make a name for herself.

In 1996, she featured in the movie “Evil Ambitions” as Jessup’s Intern.

Evil Ambitions which is also known as “Satanic Yuppies” is a popularized 1996 horror film directed by Mark Burchett.

The lead role players were Paul Morris, Amber Newman, David Levy, Lucy Frashure, Renae Raos, Debbie Rochon, and S. William Hinzman.

It told the story of the secret worship of the Devil with its deceitfully positioned as a public relations firm. Young female models are abducted and sacrificed to Satan.

Glori-Anne Gilbert stands an average height of 5 ft 8 inches, approximately 173 cm. Unlike most celebrities, she prefers her privacy and as such keeps personal details to herself.

There’s no information whatsoever concerning her relationship status, the actress could as well be single or in a relationship, but there is no confirmed information from her in that regard.

Also, details about her background, education, and early life remain unmentioned. However, if there is any change or update, trust the media to do what they do best — broadcasting.