Nick Pulos – Five Fast Facts About The Stunt Star

nick pulos

It is not every day you get to read about a stunt star. People usually don’t give any credit to the guys who do all the jumping and kicking and taking all the risks so that you can love your hero better. Well, today we will be profiling Nick Pulos.

Here are all the facts we gathered about Nick Pulos the rising stunt artist.

He was born in California

Nick Pulos is a young famous American Stunt Performer and Social Media Influencer known for his role in the films “Fantasy Island” and “Black Lightning”. Nick was born in California, United States, a state known for its beaches, surfing, Hollywood, wine, and a few others.

He was born on the 19th of December, 1987. He is 35 years old.

The Modern Spartan

Before hitting fame, Nick started as a self-modeling artist on Instagram where he modeled pictures of him working out and his muscular built body. His physique and beard signature got him the name “Modern Spartan”.

Nick made his acting debut in the film “Fantasy Island” back in 2020, appearing as a stunt man in the action-adventurous and horror film.

Following that was another appearance in the Disney world film “Pistachio goes to wait”  and the most recent one which gain huge popularity was the series “Black Lightening” where he played the role of Behemoth. He also featured in the upcoming film “THE REPLACEABLE”, where he played the role of Big Daddy.

He has no one (that we know of)

Nick isn’t a fan of sharing anything about his personal life online, so it not yet sure if he is in a relationship at the moment or not. For a guy of his body statue and good looking, guess he might be the ladies guy.

Nick has been secretive about sharing his background, in fact, he’s yet to reveal anything about his parents and family.

The Macho Man is not yet a Millionaire

Given his physique, Nick spends his time in the gym building the incredible body statue that he’s now known for. The stunt performer has a height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.83 meters) which is just a little bit below the average height of a normal basketball player of 6 feet 6 inches.

Despite his being in his early life in the acting field and a new celebrity, Nick Pulos is said to have a net worth estimated at 500,000 dollars, which he has earned mostly through his short time in the film industry and also as a social media fitness personnel.

Image source: Pinterest