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Mia Milnes

Mia Milnes is an Australian-German actress born on August 5, 1996, as Mia Silkes Milnes. She grew up in Queensland, Australia.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Actress

Mia Milnes has always been passionate about acting and modeling.

The young actress at a young age was convinced she had her work cut out, she was all along interested in the celebrity lifestyle, fame, and career path, and she wanted to stand in front of the cameras and put her talent to good use.

She completed her high school education at The Carins State Highschool and in 2013 went ahead to land a minor role to booth — her first-ever role. She played the role of (Genevieve Hegney) Sheila’s kid in an episode of Camp.

Truth be told, she is not the first to decide at a young age what career path to tread on, however, it is still considered a feat because we live in a society where everyone is afraid of being themselves, either because they’re scared of what people will say or how they’ll react, they suppress their talents for the acceptance.

Mia Milnes is a successful Instagram influencer and social media personality.

It is a no-brainer that we exist in a social media governed era. The use of social media is currently on the highrise hence the need to maximize and make most of the platforms for purposes beyond the conventional.

Mia understands the mission and is fully active on social media. The actress has been able to amass a ton of audience on her social media pages thus earning herself the title “Instagram influencer” and “Social Media personality.”

She consistently posts cute recent pictures of herself on her walls including pictures of herself on bikini shoots and other relatable content for her supporting fans. Her Instagram handle is @miamilnes.

Mia Milnes made her official professional TV debut as Megan on the Australian TV series Mako Mermaids currently referred to as “Mako: Island of Secrets,” a 2013 Australian children and teen television program created by Jonathan M. Shiff. It is a production of Jonathan M. Shiff Productions in association with Network Ten, ZDF, and Netflix, in 2015.

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In 2016, she played the role of Maddy Stewart in the short film, People You May Know. Prior to that, she spent 3 years of her life sharing her screen with Kimie Tsukakoshi, Elizabeth Cullen, Rainbow Wedell, and Christopher Sommers.

Furthermore, in 2018, she proceeded to land a major role on The Bureau of Magical Things — an Australian drama television series created by Jonathan M. Shiff and developed by Jonathan M. Shiff and Mark Shirrefsas Lily Reegan — adding to her popularity.

Her costars include Kimie Tsukakoshi, Elizabeth Cullen, Julian Cullen, Rainbow Wedell, Jamie Carter, and Christopher Sommers.

The TV series premiered in Australia on Eleven on 8 July 2018 and aired through 2 November 2018. In the United States, the series was launched on Nickelodeon on 8 October 2018 and was later moved to TeenNick where it was broadcast from 15 October to 8 November 2018.

She is also an Entrepreneur.

With the understanding that modeling and acting as a career fades away with age — it has a limited lifespan,— she took a chance on an entrepreneur project of smokable hemp. She is in a relationship with a pharmacist, Jason Markey.

On April 2, 2018, Jason took to Instagram to share a picture of him and Mia after the celebration of his best friend’s wedding and how much of an amazing weekend they had.

However, it is rumored that they’re no longer together. There’s no confirmation of this information as it remains nothing but a rumor.

I don’t know how these celebrities do it, but maintaining a certain level of privacy with the fame and popularity is a pretty hard task.


Mia maintains a colossal weight of 55kg approximately 130lbs and stands an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.

She enjoys eating fast food. And to maintain her modeling physique, she does cardio exercises and yoga. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and photography, and her favorite color is pink.

She is of mixed ethnicity. She is originally a native of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and her parents are from Mexico, Columbia.

She is a Christian. Even though her net worth is uncalculated, she likes to spend her money on things that interest her like: traveling, dressing, novels e.t.c.

Image source: Gold Coast Bulletin