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Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson, who was also known as Mandy Anderson, was an actress most known for her role as Cindy Mancini the teenage character from “Don’t Buy Me Love” in the late 1980s. Ms. Peterson has been dead for more than a decade now, but somehow her name remains in the minds of many and here we are.

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Where was Amanda Peterson born?

Amanda was born to James Anderson, an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Her mother’s name is Sylvia and she is the last of her three kids. Amanda’s two siblings include the sister named Anne Marie and a brother, James, Jr. whom they called Jimmy.

Amanda was born in Greeley, Colorado. She was born in the month of July 1971. Mandy is well educated: She studied at Middlebury College, University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado State University. While in school, she continued the acting career she began at the age of eight when she played the role of a dancer in the musical comedic drama.

In fact, by the time she was done with school, she has already acted a large chunk of the films in her credits.

How long was Mandy Peterson in Hollywood?

There is an African myth that talks about some people with a rare gift and whose genius gifts lie in their brevity. This could be one of the ways Amanda’s career and lifetime might be described. She came to Hollywood, wowed a lot, inspired many, and left, just like that. She began her career in 1982 when she was just 11.

She retired in 1994 when she was just 23.

She was in a handful of feature and television films. And she was popular in her own right. In 1987, the Young Artists Award honored her with the award of Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Drama Series for her role as Sunny Sisk in the miniseries that ran on NBC between 1987 and 1988 titled “A Year in the Life”. Amanda has also been honored with nominations for her roles in NBC 1983 to 1984 drama series “Boone” and the 1985 science fiction film “Explorers”.

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All these came while she was still a teenager. Hers wasn’t a bright career, it shone. Hers was going to be a name that would rock Hollywood for decades to come. But it wasn’t meant to be. In 1994, aged 22, Amanda Peterson retired from the industry. Her father was quoted as saying that she left acting to focus on other career paths.

Whatever her real reason, this is not new. It is rare but not new. We have seen actors who made international headlines for their act, wake up someday and say, hell, I’m done and leave the industry and never returned.

Did Amanda Peterson have kids?

Yes, Amanda Peterson had kids. She was married two times.

First, she was married to Joseph Robert Skutvik. She then got married to David Hartley after her divorce. She was married to Hartley till just before her death. There is no concrete information about the divorce and they might have remained married till her last breath.

These marriages produced two kids. There is not much known about these kids except for one of them who is named Stella Rose.

How did Amanda Peterson die?

Amanda Peterson was reported missing after she missed an important family dinner. The Greeley Police found her body in her home. Because Amanda had had series of drug-related offenses including drinking under the influence, possessions and distributing of illegal substances (going to prison at some point for a drug-related offense), many suspected, and there were whispers, about the cause of her death being drug overuse.

After her death, her mother came out to tell the press that her daughter may have battled drugs in her life but she was drug clean in her latter age and didn’t die of drug overuse. The Greely Coroner’s office conducted the autopsy and came to the conclusion that Amanda did die of drug overuse but accidentally.

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Before her death, Peterson was battling lung and heart problems, psychotic and anxiety worries. The autopsy detected prescribed drugs for treating these ailments in her system. They also found marijuana and opiates in her system, raising the decibel of whispers that Amanda might have indeed died of a conscious overdose and that the coroner’s office might be trying to keep their daughter’s last memory decent.

When did she die?

No one can tell for sure when the actress passed on. Amanda Peterson was reported missing on the 3rd of July, 2015. Her body was discovered on the 5th of July by the police. There is no assurance as to the exact time of her death. Her official date certificate carries the date of 3rd July 2015 but the truth is that she might have died earlier or later than this.

How old was Amanda Peterson when she died? Amanda Peterson died a few days before her 44th birthday.

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