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Jaye Davidson

It is not usual that we have actors retire from the screen in their thirties like some soccer player. Jaye Davidson did and he has made people asking questions, what happened? But this is not all there is to be said to the star. His career could make a big story on-screen in itself. That and many other facts are the subjects of this post. We go.

His father is black

Africa is a continent by the way. Jaye Davidson is a black African. There are 54 countries in Africa, but there is no soul who could identify the country his father came from. So many African countries got their independence from their European colonial forces. These countries sent their sons to the West to study and return to build their nascent countries. One of them was Jaye’s father.

The man is unnamed and unassociated to a country but it changes nothing. He fathered Jaye Davidson and that is that.

Jaye Davidson was born in California

Davidson is an Englishman. His mother is an English woman and he grew up in Southern England. These make him British but he was born far from the English Channel in California. It might be the weather, the food or the accent whatever make his parents take him back to the UK, we do not know, but they did take him back.

And he didn’t just grow up an Englishman, he grew up a British screen giant.

He is gay

He is gay. There is nothing else to be said about this. Jaye not only admitted this but he has had a series of tell-it all interviews. There was one in which he said he struggled to be accepted into the gay community because of his feminine nature. Things like that.

The actor has never married, we can add.

Jaye Davidson was a model

Fame has a way of changing people. It drives some crazy, it drives others crazy, and some other it drives even more crazy. It is the type of craze that matters. For Jaye Davidson, the craze drove him crazy – an understatement. It actually loaded him like a bullet into a gun and shot him into the sky, up there into space where people hate fame.

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Then he hated fame. And said he was done with acting and he stopped. Just like that. Actors make money and fame and many join the profession to make money and fame, then Davidson made money and fame and decided he didn’t want money or fame. Catch-22.

After he stopped acting, he needed to make a living and be busy or something, so we began to model and went on to have high profile shoots. He no longer models. We are not sure what he does now. Probably in some club in Soho eating the last of his Stargate “loot”.

Jaye Davidson was in “The Crying Game”

There was  a question that was once asked, “Do you want to be the owner of 10 business making 100 thousand dollars each or 1 business making one million dollars.” The same thing but not the same thing. In the case of acting, do you want to be an actor with 80 tit-bits credits or Jaye Davidson with less than four credits but one of them was so huge he became an instant star.

Whatever your answer, you can’t rewrite history. Jaye played the role of Dil a transgender man in the multi-thematic thrilling film “The Crying Game” in 1992, in an era when a large chunk of the populace still considered such sexuality a taboo. He played this part so when he was a subject of more than a handful of nominations and an indelible name on the wall of screen greatness in Britain.

Davidson was paid one million dollars for “Stargate”

After “The Crying Game” ticked the boxes of critical and financial successes, Jaye Davidson became a hot cake. Casting directors courted him, producers wait for him in the shadows. They wanted one thing, appear in our film. Davidson hates fame so he wouldn’t do it. When the producers of the American-French science fiction film “Stargate” came calling, he asked for one million dollars just to put them off.

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Let’s put this in the perfect perspective, so many actors are worth around one million dollars after decades of years and scores of films. In 2019. In 1994, Jaye Davidson asked to be paid one million dollars for a movie role. He really wanted to put them off.

They said yes.

Davidson went on to play the role of Ra an alien on earth from some galaxy far from the Milky Way. His appearances on set were so poor and his performance less than satisfactory, so much that after the movie, casting executives believed him: his soul, body, and spirit were dead to the world of make-believe.

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