Alona Tal: Age, Career And Facts About The Star

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Alona Tal

We are referring to the same Alona Tal who portrayed the role of Jo Harvelle in fantasy horror series “Supernatural” and in television series “Veronica Mars” as the cheerleader Meg Manning. Born on October 20, 1983, at Herzliya, Israel.

Alona attended Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts in Tel Aviv, Israel. She proceeded, after this, to the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City. While her beautiful looks might suggest that she has experienced life in an environment that serves you cheese and cakes, the actress has not always had it cool as she served in the Israeli army for two years, participating in the mandatory military service, where we suspect she charmed both foe and friends alike.

Here are facts about Alona covering her career in music and screen, marriage, net worth, and residence.

Alona Tal: Movie Career

Alona first performed in 2002 film “Pim Pam Po BeArmon HaKsamim” (in English Pim Pam Po In the Magic Castle) for her character as Shusha the Witch. In 2003, Alona was viewed as Maya in an Israeli television series “Tzimerim”.

Her breakout role came when she played the character of Meg Manning in the TV series “Veronica Mars”. And in 2006 after she portrayed the role of Jo Harvelle in the TV series, “Supernatural”, she cemented her place in Hollywood.

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In 2010, she voiced the character Catherine-B320 or Kat in the “Halo: Reach” video game. In 2015, Alona also voiced the character of Helen Cooper in the 3D movie “Night of the Living Dead: Origins”.

Music Career

Alona Tal can play the piano and the guitar and her love with music instruments inspired her to record some songs. Alona Tal released several songs with Israeli rapper Subliminal. Haven’t heard about the songs? Well, it’s one of those songs.

The actress later moved to New York City where dreams are made and hope dashed. She met Wyclef Jean with whom she recorded the “Party to Damascus” song. Alona sang the chorus of the song in Hebrew.

Alona Tal’s heritage and marriage

Alona Tal is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Little is known about her parents and siblings, perhaps the actress and singer prefer to keep them away from the media, which is not dissimilar with what many stars desire but only a few succeed in doing.

Alona is off the market. She got married to her long-term boyfriend Marcos A. Ferraez on 22nd of June 2007 and this was a major dinner topic. The duo were initially friends with no strings (nor benefit) attached until somehow, we know not how, they fell in love. Marcos proposed and Alona said yes.

Marcos, like his bride, is in the entertainment industry. He is an actor, writer, and director known popularly for his role in “Pacific Blue”.

On October 23, 2016, she declared on Instagram that she was pregnant. Then on March 7th, 2017, she announced the birth of her daughter. Because she loves Instagram she made the announcement via the channel. “Announcing – our daughter Charlie,” she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. “The new member of the team.”

Where does Alona Tal live?

Alona holds dual citizenships. She is a citizen of Israel as well as the United States. She can reside anywhere she wants to reside in and actually alternated between the two allied countries. But since the star actress got married to Marcos, the couple lives in Los Angeles.

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However, the actress says she’s homesick. Surprise? We think not. For instance, Hebrew is her native language and it is not like you see a ton of fellow native speakers of her language in the mall of Los Angeles. To avoid this falling into the hot yard of politics, we will live food and weather out of this matter.

Alona Tal’s net worth

Alona Tal’s career has been successful starting from her stints in the army, her music career, and her Hollywood breakthrough. She is not all proms and no dough as she lives quite comfortably. Frostsnow puts Alona Tal’s net worth to be around $600 thousand.

If this estimation is to be believed, Tal is not yet a millionaire and isn’t even close to being one. But this doesn’t stop her from donating money to organizations including Wildlife Learning Center and Mara Elephant Project.

Bonus Fact: Alona is a huge supporter of the environment so she owns a hybrid car and prefers riding on a bicycle to driving. She does these in order to save poor earth.

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