Alexandra Breckenridge: Bio, Age, Career And Other Facts

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Alexandra Breckenridge

Alexandra Breckenridge was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She moved to Los Angeles as a teenager in pursuit of a career in Hollywood. By her twentieth birthday, she had already featured in double-digit films and television shows. You might know Breckenridge for her role as Jessie Anderson in “The Walking Dead”, that is just a sterling part of who she has become for the industry; there are a lot more about the red-haired star and we dug and presented you with the following facts.

Alexandra Breckenridge’s non-movie career: Singing and photography

Growing up, Alexandra didn’t just want to be a movie star, she wanted to sing in almost the same proportion. She did sing in the bathroom and at home, exercising her voice and hoping to one day stand before the mic. Her break came in the movie aspect of her dual dream and she has now been immersed in it. Breckenridge looks like one who would be able to do the two, so we are not ruling out seeing her in the studio someday.

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While music didn’t quite work out, another liking of her which has more luck is photography and she does it in her spare time, to express another form of her creative spirit and to relax from the pressure and tension of being an actor.

The star equally likes expressing herself via tattoos which she likes so much and has a lot on her body. Never noticed them? You won’t, they are usually covered whenever she plays a role that doesn’t entail the character having tattoos, and this is the majority of the time.

“The Walking Dead” and movie career

Alexandra Breckenridge first appearance came as a teenager in a cameo in the television series “Even the Loser”. She appeared in a handful of these shows until 2002 when she played the role of Anna in the movie “Orange County” before becoming more mainstream with her role in the “Big Fat Liar” in the same year.

Alexandra Breckenridge is equally a voice actress. She played several roles in the animated television series “Family Guy”. She originally auditioned to play guest roles in the series but such was the beauty of the sound of her voice that the creator of the show, Seth MacFarlane, called her back and handed her a barren full of roles. Besides this, Alexandra has also played voice roles in the “American Dad!” and “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy”.

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In 2015, AMC post-apocalyptic horror series “The Walking Dead” premiered with Alexandra Breckenridge playing the role of Jessie Anderson, the unhappy abused wife who found respite in another man when her husband died but this didn’t last as she is devoured by the zombies.

Alexandra Breckenridge: Husband and children

Alexandra got married to the professional guitarist Casey Hooper in September 2015. The marriage is blessed with two kids: A son born in August 2016 and a daughter born in December 2017. The star keeps her children out of the hungry sight of the media as she juggles on with acting, so much that their gender and birthdays are the only things we know of little Alexandra and little Casey.

How old is Alexandra Breckenridge?

The actress was born on May 15th, 1982. She is 37 years years old as of December 2019. Below are important achievements and the age she made them:

Moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting: 1995, aged 13.

First screen appearance: “Even the Loser”, 1998, aged 16.

First film: “Orange County”, 2002, aged 19.

Marriage: To Casey Hooper, 2015, aged 33.

First child: A son 2016, aged 34.

Second child: A daughter, 2017, aged 35.

At less than forty and still much active in the industry, we haven’t heard the last of Alexandra Breckenridge. We are sure.

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