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Nia Renee Hill

There are stars who are most known for the person they are in a relationship with. For instance, when one talks about Eniko Parrish, they somehow cannot escape talking about the fact that she is Kelvin Hart’s wife. And this isn’t always the woman being known for their relationship with a guy. Sometimes, in this case here, it is the other way round. The problem is that the internet can sometimes be too narrow, they sometimes throw everything about the person down the dirge all so as they can blow out their point. Nia Renee Hill is usually associated with her marriage. But this is not how we will treat her profile here. We will not pretend that the marriage is not a fact, but we will not see Ms. Hill through it. Here are what we intend to do here.

Nia Renee Hill – age

Nia Renee Hill was born on June 2, 1969. This puts her age at fifty. But it’s a safe bet to say you couldn’t have guessed she is this old – not old as in one needing the support of a cane and mixing up her butler’s name with the piano tuner; no, like, she doesn’t just look fifty. But she is.

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Nia Renee Hill was born in Los Angeles. While growing up, her parents divorced and she grew up with her father. She attended Emerson College, Boston. And while at this, she had fashion and acting courses, preparing for a future in the glamour industry.

Nia Renee Hill – career

Nia Renee Hill began acting in 2003 when she did a sketch in ” Chappelle’s Show”. In 2009, she was in the short movie “Carpool”. In 2011, she “Lila, Long Distance” and another short one, “Did You Look For Work This Week?” and a series of short, comic movies. There is a feature-length movie “Divorce: A Love Story” which she featured in 2013. The movie is about a couple who finds out they can’t be together then divorced only to find out that they can’t be apart from each other.

While writing “F For Family”, Bill Burr specifically wrote a role for his darling wife and this is one of her biggest roles on TV. Which says a lot about her acting career and love story. But then, Nia Renee is not just an actress. She is a designer, a podcaster, a writer, and author. She wrote for the Xo Jane Blog, a women and community blog, and published the book “Love and Beauty”.

Nia Renee Hill’s marriage to Bill Burr

Nia Renne Hill got married at a rather late period of her life. She got married to Bill Burr when she was aged 44 in September 2013. But then at this age, many in the industry have negotiated three divorces, so, perhaps, it was never about how young.

And they work together on his podcasts and it is not a mushy affair always. Sometimes, they have heated arguments online but it’s never any strain to their relationship. And there are a ton of sadists who will claim all these as part of the antics.

If you’re here because you know Renee as Bill Burr’s wife then you probably know all about him. He is an actor, standup comedian, and podcaster who was mostly known for his “Bill Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast” which he collapsed into All Things Comedy Network which he cofounded with Al Madrigal.

On the film aspect,  he is mostly associated with playing Patrick Kuby on the crime series “Breaking Bad” between 2008 and 2013, on AMC. He’s part of the creating team of Netflix animated sitcom “F Is for Family”.

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The marriage between Bill and Hill is blessed with a kid. On January 20, 2017, their daughter Lola Burr was born to them.

Nia Renee Hill’s net worth and body stats

There is a scarcity of information on Nia Renee. Her height is not known but we have seen her and her husband pose in a pic together. Bill Burr is 5 feet ten inches (or 1.78 meters). Give or take the heels she might be wearing, we put Nia Renee Hill’s at 5 feet five inches or about 1.65 meters.

She weighs 54 kg or 119 lbs.

Ms. Hill has made money through her acting, speaking, and writing. This everyone agrees but there is no unity as to how much she owns. Some blogs put her net worth at 1.2 million dollars while others go as high as 5 million dollars. Make your choice.

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