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Martha Higareda

Martha Higareda is a Mexican actress. She was born Martha Elba Higareda Cervantes in Villahermosa, Mexico and since 2002 when she appeared in the box office hit, “Amarte Duele”, the Mexican remaking of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Martha has become one of the most beautiful faces the West see of the Mexican movie industry. Here are all the things we know about, all the things you need to know about the thespian.

Martha Higareda: age and early life

Martha comes from a family of artists. She was born in August 1986. Her mother, Martha Cervantes, was an actress, and her father, Jose Luis Higareda, was an artist and therapist. As early as 14, Martha already believed that she was made for the entertainment industry. She didn’t just believe, she moved to Mexico City to pursue this dream. She got admission instead to the El Tecnologico de Monterrey to study Communications.

While at this college, Higareda didn’t stop believing she was made for the screen as she continually attended acting classes; school work at day, acting at night. In the end, she transferred to the Department of Performing Arts where she obtained her bachelor’s degree.

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While waiting for the big break, Martha acted theatre plays and even did hostess for Disney Channel’s Zapping Zone. She came very close to landing a movie role with the movie “Y Tu Mamá También”. Two things stopped her, the film was an erotic movie and Martha was underaged.

Martha Higareda is 36 years old.

“The Mexican Sweetheart” Career: Acting, writing, producing

Martha’s entry into the screen industry was a blast. Her performance in “Amarte Duele” was so compelling that she got the nickname “The Mexican Sweetheart”. Since then, it is not a cliche to say that Ms. Higareda hasn’t turned back. She went on to appear in “Sexo, Amor y Otras Perversiones”(“Sex, Love and Other Perversions”) series, in 2006; Martha got the Silver Goddess Award with her role as Maria in the film that includes 8 short movies.

In  “Fuera del Cielo” (“Outside the Sky”), released in 2007, Higareda achieved iconic status; the character she played, Elisa,  donned unusual fashion and hairstyle and became a model for many Mexican teenagersIn this same year, Martha crossed the border into the United States where she featured in the film “Borderland”, a most symbolic title.

A year later, Martha moved to Los Angeles on a more permanent basis, where she studied scriptwriting. Not just that, she learned a thing or two about producing. And yes, it was in this city that she would meet her soulmate and future husband.

Martha Higereda returned to Mexico where she produced “Te Presento a Laura” (I Present to Laura), a film she wrote whilst living in the United States. In 2014, she wrote, produced and starred in “Casese Quien Pueda” (Marry Me if You Can). The film went on to make more than 2 million dollars in the box office, ranking in the top two instantly and maintaining Top 10 ranking among the most grossing Mexican films for 2014. Note that an earlier version of this post erroneously put the earning at 2 billion dollars. A fantastic error we regret.

Other notable movies Martha Higereda featured in include: “Street Kings” (2008), “Trip Tracer” (Television movie, 2008), “Carlos” (TV mini-series, 2010), “Sin Memoria” (2010), “CSI: Miami” (TV Series, 2011) “Go for Sisters” (2010), “Noches con Platanito” (Night with Platanito) (2014-2015, TV Series; then “3 Idiotas”  (3 Idiots, 2017), “Queen of the South” (TV Series, 2018-2019), “Into the Dark” (TV Series, 2019). Etc.

Martha Higareda – personal life and marriage

Martha has a sister Miriam Higareda, born in 1984 who began her acting career almost the same time as Martha. Her filmography is, however, still in single digit, the most known being “Vivir a Destiempo” (translated as Living Untimely or Timeless Love), a Mexican telenovela produced by Fides Velasco and Jacky Castro. Martha has a brother in the name José Luis Higareda.

Martha has two brothers, José Luis Higareda and Luis Daniel Higareda. They are not into acting like their sisters but that doesn’t detract from them.

In May 2016, Martha got married to the actor Cory Brusseau, in Hawaii. The two met in Los Angeles in 2011 and began dating shortly after that. While dating, Martha shuttled between Mexico and the United States. Their love held fast, and five years later, they consummated their love.

Cory Brusseau is the six feet tall actor mostly known for his work on “Imprint” (2007), “3 idiots” (2017; not to be confused with the Indian masterpiece 3 Idiots from 2009) and “Ladies on the Run”.

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“I promise you with all my soul that I will always be by your side, like a true man, like a great leader.” This was the vow Brusseau made to the MTV Latino Movie Award for the Favorite Actress winner. He is that romantic. Many will fall for this. Martha did and there is no evidence she has cause to regret.

What is Martha Higareda’s net worth

We do not want to play politics here, but it is a truth not universally acknowledged (yet – or ever) that there is a gender-based and color-based disparity in Hollywood. For instance, an average woman earns 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. An average Hispanic woman earns even less at 54 cents per dollars. In some cases, this is worst in Hollywood. The fact that Ms. Higareda is foreign-born and this, on paper at least, should make it harder for her to earn a lot of fortune.

Martha Higareda has a net worth of three million dollars. This is a big deal considering the issues we mentioned above. Martha is 36 years old and has only spent a couple of years in Hollywood. She might end up attaining matriarchial status in the industry and this might come with improved figures on her financial sheet. We watch and wait.

Body stats

Martha Higareda stands at a rather low height of 5 feet 3 inches or 1.60 meters. An average woman in Hollywood is 5 feet 5 inches. On the mass aspect, Martha weighs 54 kg or 119 pounds. She has a modest breast size of 32 inches for which she wears the 32B bra size. Her breasts, waist, and hiplines are measured at 32-23-34 inches or 81-58-87 in cm.

Martha has no known tattoos or unorthodox piercings.

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